The new term in Cricket that denotes mediocrity

What is the new term in cricket that denotes mediocrity? - “Bangladesh”, they simply don’t want learn or at the least improve. Ranking them along with other international test playing teams mocks genuine cricket. They have played about 37 tests and have won only one. They managed to draw 4 while losing the rest [32] The Dubious distinction of losing to Bangladesh goes to Zimbabwe.

Bangladesh lost 80% of time they played international games. They have tried about 42 players. The only notable or commendable player Habibul Bashar who has about 2500 runs [with an average of 34.09] to his account. The only victory came under his captaincy. Their team scoring rate has never touched 3 runs an over. It is been always in lower 2.x, they had an average of 2.83 per over in the past decade. They are now in England on tour; The English whacked them by 261 runs in the first test, I did hear the commentary on BBC. The batting display was totally useless and not worth to be an international game. The good part in this, after this loss many cricketers like Richie Benaud Shane Warne and Javed Miandad have come forward and voiced out their opinions. “It is time to demote Bangladesh from the test playing status.” For many present day cricketers, playing against Bangladesh helps boosts their statistics and their batting form to record setting heights. This does not stop with the top level players, for international batsmen regardless of their batting position playing against Bangladesh is mere net practice or an extended stay at the batting cage.

It is rumored Mr. Jagmohan Dalmia the king [push] pin of Indian cricket got them in first place to increase his number of votes in ICC meetings. What ever, I don’t really care, but the truth is I am kind of sure that Tamil Nadu or Bombay Rajinee team will whack Bangladesh. Think about the spectators, it would be a real embarrassment for them to sit for such games. It is time for ICC to suspend them from Test playing status. We should not allow hacks to reduce the quality of the game. Dav Whatmore, the Australian coach might be confident but he has been given enough time. looks like they have no hopes; The best bet for Bangladesh would be to play 2nd tier cricket for next couple of years before taking on the 1st tier. As of now it is embarrassing and bad for the game of cricket. I would want Bangladesh to prove themselves against 2nd or 3rd tier teams from 8 test playing nations.

BCCI is meeting this week and the main matter would be how to deal TNCA. It seems Tamil Nadu Cricket Association allowed local clubs to file case against BCCI and TNCA; it is believed that BCCI would take action, how? Simply reduce or completely remove funding to TNCA. The point is Chennai has a great cricket ground that often favors the home team. MAC cricket ground is popular around the world. But it looks like Chennai people will not get any international game in near future. Already their cable TV system is screwed up by the set [top-box] theory, most places in the country gets live cricket on regular cable TV while people in Chennai were forced to play book cricket instead, this move by BCCI will add to their agony.

Finally, the joke of the week, A Pakistani Astrologer has predicted that Sachin will never be in the lime light again. It is a real shame and pity that he was not able to predict recent “the brawl”, if he had done so friendship between Inzi, Afridi and Yunis Khan would have stayed intact.

Good day folks.