Another can of worms:

"It took me about a year to convince them that running between the wickets and fielding were quite important in one-dayers

He reveals that he didn't have a contract for nearly half his tenure but was well supported by the management in BCCI. "I actually didn't have a contract for about 40% of the time but it didn't really matter because they were honourable people. I got paid every three months"

"My peeve with the selection process is that I have never liked the system

John Wright, the former NZ batsmen and the former Indian cricket team coach has spoken loud vis his new book "Indian summers", he talks about various issues in the dressing room, select procees etc. Various media reports quotes that he talks about Dravid’s unceremonious declaration. It seems Sachin was unhappy about this in the dressing room, Why Sachin? Yes! If a captain declares when you are a scoring shot away from a land mark, any batsmen would get upset. In a professional career this happens, and the land mark might be very important. In my opinion, Dravid should not have declared regardless be it Sachin or anyone. Anyways it is a dead issue now and there is no point in digging further, Dravid and Sachin have done a lot for betterment of Indian Cricket, we can throw this issue in the attic and keep moving.

Wright in this book says, Gavasker was appointed as batting coach without his consent – dude, you could have questioned J. Mohini [Dalmiya] then and there! , Why did you maintain silence? you could have spoken earlier to press or if the contract did not allow you to do so – Dude, just quit the job that you don’t like. You were swimming in the pool with others and having been kicked out please do not complain that the pool stinks. Why Wright ignored these incidents when he was in service? Reason - he was being paid a large sum, no idiot will want to give up a high paying job.

As far as Wright’s book goes, it is “Freedom of speech”– this is perfectly ok, I am just wondering will John “Mr. Right” have the same level of guts to write similar things if he had been New Zealand’s national coach. Can he write about his tenure as captain for New Zealand and the issues in the dressing room etc? I am sure no team is immune to “pavilion passions” or “Selectors Stink” Every team has their own pile of dressing room crap. Be it India or Australia or the TNCA’s 5th Division team - Mambalam mosquitoes.

Some media reports say that this book has helped Indian cricket. Duh! - Entire country already knows about our unbelievable selection process and its related filth. This book would be just another collection of such craps. More over, when a non Indian writes about India, - 6 out 10 foreign writers do not hesitate to add their myopic views on India. I remember a person asked me in Minneapolis if I ride an elephant to work in India. The global media at times vents out biased views on India. Mr. Dobbs of the CNN, time and time used to complain about India. His complain was that India was not buying enough American goods to offset trade deficit. He squarely blamed India for improper balance of trade, but a week ago Washington post reported – “US exports to India has nearly doubled in past 4 years”. I demand an apology from him for such accusations.

John Wright book is another such accusation or Pandora’ s Box, or an New York street hotdog – Every Indian knows that Indian cricket management is “disorganized” in such fantastic manner - no one has clue about its composition or its functions. Like after “Dalmiya’s Deals and cases”, he manages to retain his portfolio for CAB.

As far as John Wright book is concerned , it would serve as a good gossip column for Sanjay [asa]Manju & co during tea time in the forthcoming Sri Lanka series., the fact is that politics surrounding Indian cricket is a stinking pot, anything that comes out of it is definitely going to stink, our wise men – aka the selectors are born with clips in their nose, they will not mind to swim regardless, like if Wright is invited to swim again, I am sure he will dive just in closing his nose and his book deal.

World cup is round the corner and I feel team India should focus on their game rather than these nitpicks.