All Set!

Team India , unofficial ambassadors of Orec XL vacuum cleaners in India, why Orec XL? because just like Orec XL, Team India is also fitted with professional quality suction capabilities. As if this was not enough, teams suction power was enhanced yesterday. Ajith Agarkar has been declared fit once again.

Team India is all set to tour South Africa, a country with wonderful natural landscape and wild life parks , it should be a great paid excursion. With such a poor performance record for past year, any performance regardless of good or bad, can be blindly termed as an improvement.

Another news – it seems Viru is all set to face South African pace, of course, such a mind set is needed for 1st 20 balls of the inning. Kapil “the Advice” Dev has asked Sehwag to introspect deep to identify the problems in his batting. Kapil who underwent an cataract operation managed also to contradict himself by saying “Sehwag has been playing at this level for the last six-seven years and I don’t think he has anything to prove to anyone”. The best thing for Dravid and his men is that they are underdogs right till the World cup, I wish this brews some synergy in the team.

Suggestions for the tour.
1. Never show something that is white and round with a seam, aka Cricket Ball to R.P. Singh.
2. Borrow a matrix module from Keanu Reeves, pump it into Agarkar which will make him believe that all other bowlers struggle - he would bowl well at once.
3. Similar program be tried on Sachin to recollect his batting potential.
4. Dravid should not rename himself to DRAWvid.
5. Someone tell Viru that is there is lot in the game after first 5 overs.
6. BCCI using their money clout should reduce the pitch by ½ , this “can” enable our bowlers to bowl perfect length.
7. When India bats, remove leg and the off stumps , if possible the middle stump too.
8. In order to Save donkey drops and to heal the world –we start from over number 22, with 150 for no loss on board.
9. Kaif should never be made to stand anywhere near the bat while fielding.
10. Make sure our million dollar coach Chappell sits somewhere far away from the South African bench, because his experimentation mess is such that, he would send someone from the south African bench. This can result in Alfonso Thomas coming in one down for India.

Have a Good Weekend!