Convenient Excuses

Indian MPs forgetting their responsibilities decided to waste considerable time discussing Indian cricket. I am no big Chappell fan, but I feel matter concerning Indian cricket is too small for elected officials to waste their time on, eventually MPs will call for a sack. Whatever Chappell told about MPs to the team was an internal communication, might be a word of support that was speculated by the press. The whole world knows how our MPs function and what they discuss at the circular office. There is a reason why our Indian parliament was designed to look like Zero from space. MPs discover another Convenient Excuse to avoid their day to day job.

After the Durban Debacle, and Cape Town confusion, Dravid gets injured and is out of all one day games. Though injury is an painful thing to deal, it is a blessing in disguise for Dravid, it will be a good break for him. In my opinion, getting in Laxman or Gangully will not change the course to a great extent. Bottom line remains that, Bowlers need to perform better. Dravid captaincy was not up to the mark, while Batsmen, Bowlers and fielding struggled [What more is left?].. After the match at Cape of Good hope, most have started to feel that India cricket has No Hope.

Kaif and his pathetic batting technique, he plays like genuine Indian tail ender of 1970. I agree he is great fielder and nice person - What Ever! but there is no point in having him if he cannot bat. I think batting and bowling skills are to superior to fielding by an inch or two, the greatest of the greatest fielder gets value only if he shines with the bat or the ball. Kaif’s convenient agile fielder excuse cannot be taken into consideration anymore. We cannot afford it. Frankly the way Dinesh Karthick fielded and batted seems a very good alternate to Kaif. Today Junior players in the team suffer the insecurity syndrome. A promising Raina was the first victim. I hope youngster are nurtured properly. Other than Dravid, Dhoni and Sachin no other batsmen is confident about their technique., because they have no clue about the batting position they would be playing. Over experimentation has burnt these youngsters. When a bowler is pushed up to bat at number 3, it does bring down the confidence of designated batsmen. Also Irfan losses his focus on bowling , which is his main portfolio. IT IS HIGHT TIME to play “the Agarkar Benefit match” and send him home with a yellow garland. For all betterment, Sreesanth should be groomed.

Sachin factor, though India lost games in spite of good and decent scores from Sachin in recent past, unless and until he does something more, he will have to shoulder the pain with Dravid. The median set by the little master is very high, he has no other choice other than to maintain the standard. At the same time, Sachin plays or not other members in the India team should not use him for a Convenient Excuse.

Viru, when will we see runs from him? Stale Statements like Bowlers getting terrified , bowlers will never get comfortable when Viru is around etc should be put to a rest. Viru has been using this Convenient Excuse for years now. Wasim Akram’s recent interview was filled with advices for Indian team. Akram says Sachin should bat like Lara. [Whatever it is?], according to Akram, Sachin has to start playing it out and not get into a shell. I agree partially with him.

Indian Public, showing their anger by burning photos etc of Dravid etc, seems childish and ridiculous. There is not point in politicizing everything . I am just wondering where did the “passion of the MP and their men” vanish during Olympics?, or during the continues decline of our famous Sania Mania? I feel Indian cricket is way ahead than most sports in India. Today we are in a recession. Like any other Indian sport, I also see this, - Cricket is also a sport. Outcome is bound to be a great winner or a pathetic loser, I prefer to get on with it. Honestly, I see something positive here [Really?], Almost every weakness the team has been underlined and highlighted, all this has been identified well ahead of the World Cup and though short we do have the time to tighten the screws. l still remember the West Indies whacking before 1983 Prudential cup, the course seems similar. This would be my Convenient Excuse to support my cricket team. Honestly, I would still bet my money on Team India for the world cup.

Good day.