Appa "SAW"Me

Like most recent Tamil movies this one also had an English title during the Pooja phase. The tax rebate bait yadayada… rename it in Tamil. There is a rumor that director’s First choice was “Appasamy”, but fearing a law suit from the real estate giant, but finally got it translated – Appasamy in English became Varalaru in Tamil. Why Varalaru? You may check with the real Thagapansamy.

The entire plot was given away right at the title card, Ajith in triple role!, so we know for sure there are 3 data types of Ajith’s in the screen play. And it was matter of few reels before we guess one of type would be Mr. Bad guy.

Exploring “Ajith the Youth”. Youth hero package in Tamil movies consists of a smart ass hero and 8 to 10 worthless non-comical friends. Hero’s friends must be 2 or 3 uncle ages more than the hero. The same package is deployed here.
Next Roll [film roll] , Ajith is the dad for our Youth Ajith. Dad[a] Ajith runs his business empire. Like many computer consultants, he also works for “cha” from home. He runs his billion dollar business empire from an age old 21 inch Trinitron computer monitor and a PC/XT-8088 . Just like the screen play, Dad Ajith is also handicapped. He moves around on a motorized wheel chair reminding Austin powers, at this point Knowing K.S.Ravikumar’s adaptation technology I was seriously expecting 3rd Ajith to be “mini me” .

Youth Ajith [YA] goes to a village [why? He had a free southern railway train pass -ada ponga sir] he meets Asin, falls in love with her [then A.R. Rahman goes to work and records a nice song at 1.00am]. Dad[a] Ajith sees the YA’s love syndrome, helps him out. using his God Father sorry Varalau capabilities sends a G[od]-Mail to someone, the wedding is fixed.

JUST days before the dumdumdumdum, Ajith drinks too much and misbehaves at Asin’s place, there is a split but our Youth Ajith never remembers the incident. You guessed it, Hysterical post-traumatic Gajini Cerebral Anniyan Lacunar amnesia should be the reason. Hence dad takes his son to a physiatrist, where along with the son, director K.S. Ravikumar is also diagnosed with HPTGCALA syndrome.

The script in 2 paragraphs. The plot is our Youth Ajith is a “place holder”, the content of a place holder is changed by the second bad Ajith to tarnishes image of GF and GS [God father and God Son]. Why? Same old Twin crap. Best comedy was when the second villain Ajith using the identity withdraws cash from ATM? does ATM give money by just seeing the face?

Our Dad Ajith was a Classical Dancer with a Hormone Imbalance. He gets thrown out from his own wedding by the girl who does not like his hormone imbalances…...,skip 3 chapters, the second twin misunderstands about his dad, like the audience he is also mentally traumatized, he sets off to settle accounts with his dad family. And Dad Ajith is not really handicapped, he is just sits there to avoid walking like an Egyptian. At the end of the movie when rest of the credits rolls, they show how the second twin replaced the first in various places.

Ajith is a talented actor, example Dancer Ajith’s walking style reminded me Sivaji Ganesan’s stylish walk in Puthiya paravai. K.S.Ravikumar is a nice director and added plus point Rahman’s Music, still without a proper logical screen play – the whole effort goes to the junk yard. My 2 cents, if the point of view or the movie perspective is changed to the villain Ajith, without giving any importance to the smart ass Hero or Classical Dancer or Lover etc, this can be an interesting screen play.

Good day.