A busy weekend, managed to watch few NFL games. Ben “the Clueless” Berger and his Pittsburg Steelers were totally out of sync, nothing went right them. While the Red Skins managed to win, thanks to “Terrell Tantrums”.

If you still care, Australia won the Champions trophy [duh!] , West Indies played like India aka Pathetic, the opening pair gave a good start, but the rest wanted to rehears their Ramp walk moves for the ICC fashion show. Australia heads home to trash the English, Hyped Ashes starts later this month.

Sachin has stated that India will come good in South Africa, he has also spoke for the players on product endorsements. It seems players go to commercials shoots only after the game commitment are met, Ist it? How come they model well for Commercials but suck right royally in the games? Commercials or not - there is no commitment. Unless and until team India plays to their potential, these commercial shoots will be considered as a distraction. The Irony is Sachin said this in a product promotion.

“Argue Against Success”, One thing I like when I am in Sachin’s topic, Sachin in last 10 games he played has scored more than 500 runs, while the average score by other members for the last 10 games they played was not more than 150. Dravid, Viru et all have not been playing well for quite some time now, however, still there is a call for people to drop Sachin, which is kind of funny to me.

Finally, ICC members voted to get rid of Darrel Hair – 7-3 , the 3 being England, Australia and NZ. Using Eastman Color! They voted YES to retain Hair in the panel. I feel Chris Broad would also be a good candidate to kicked out from ICC Match referee panel.