Saw movies over the weekend. 1st, it was Emden’s Son for Tax Rebate sake it is now called En Mangan, The general feeling I had watching this movie was – a TV serial on 35mm film. I was reminded of the 60s era where camera would be placed in a spot and the cast would just act around it. The camera man must have had an easy time, he just screwed the camera to a tripod and took off to another shoot.
So called story goes like this, Nasser, Born on September 22 of some year after 1914, is a whacko Dad, he treats his son Bharath like ……t . He never cares about kids academics etc, however Bharath is a top ranking kid,. In Tamil movies usually Murali plays such self-pitying roles for a change Bharath covers for him. The reason given for such bad treatments by Mr. Emden was EmdenJi, had a ruthless and unforgiving past. Thank god there was no flash back, Vadivelu does his part well and can be called as the lifer save mint for the movie while Bharath, Gopika and all others were like the last 5 items of Saravana Special Lunch. Added just for statistical purpose.

Another point to note, even if you give a free coupon to Mr. Bhiravar for a Fresh water Spa treatment, Mr. Biravar ends up with the same old dinner schedule, Directors Gopi’s uncontrollable urge and Fetish for funeral rituals continues on the celluloid too, about 2000 feet of film were royally exposed to show this in detail, as if this not enough, a medical condition of a poor old sick man was used for a comical act by small screen comedians. I found it disgusting to watch people celebrating for someone death in the name of comedy. This was environment in which our hero and our heroine meet after 2000 years. The same old ill fated medically unfit mama and athai magal match making. Gopi dude! you seem to be funny guy, however that part of this part of movie was sponsored by Royal Cheapness. In spite of big named cast, decent music, the output seemed like a TV serial.
Next movie I saw had a 4 line script. To save producers money, I think 4 power point slide show would have done the needful.

Slide one: Once upon a time there was village girl, she marries a Car mechanic and settles in Bombay.

Slide two: She finds his past and he was already married to someone, the other girl vanishes to Australia.

Side three: Jo talks to her and gets her to live one day with her husband, his lifelong dream it seems. The End. [I am not even able to make it to 4 lines]

Slide Four: Credits.
For such a weak script we have a Suriya, a Jothika, and my man A.R.Rahman scoring music, the director is one lucky dude. Just add an E to the name, the movie was a JOKE.

Finally, 2 things, Hope you have seen the PC and MAC comparison commercial. Just to evaluate the self proclaimed potentials of Mac I went ahead and got an Apple Mac Power book G4. I started to evaluate from a common PC user perspective [Windows XP]. My goal is to do all the task I do in PC/XP and seamlessly migrate my working environment to Mac. After all the Mac ad claims they offer better services than the PC environment. The first thing I tried to do is install a Voice Chat client, but do you know you cannot do voice chat using Yahoo or Google or Msn , Mac OS don’t have free chat client that support the 3 popular voice chats. There is more, NSV streams [Null soft streams] are popular these days, however owning a Mac you cannot watch NSV streams. However Mac can turn the blame on Nullsoft but Voice chat is major, Yahoo and Msn services work on Mac for regular chats, for voice ..dude – you have go to the pc.

And Wow! India saved a game. Thank God.