I want to Move it Move it...

Gloria the Hippo (voice of Jada Pinkett-Smith), Marty the Zebra (voice of Chris Rock),Alex the Lion (voice of Ben Stiller) and Melman the Giraffe (voice of David Schwimmer)in Dreamworks' Madagascar
Pic:Yahoo Movies.

“Madagascar” A computer animated movie about bunch of zoo animals. These animals get life from fantastic expressions and voice overs provided by popular Hollywood stars. They just come alive in front of you. The whole movie is an excellent humor filled entertainment. The way the story is expressed is clean and neat. The main character of this movie is Alex the lion, Voice by Ben Stiller. Frankly in my opinion, he is better of giving voices.

The Alex the lion is a megalomaniac, a typical city born “lion” that hates the wild and always keeps talking about him. His close pal is a Zebra (Chris Rock), who does not know if he came from black stripes on white skin or white stripes on Black skin. With his typical timing “Chris simple rocks” They have 2 other “friends”, the hypochondriac Giraffe [David Schwimmer ] called Mel man and Gloria, the pregnant Hippo girl [Jada Pinkett-Smith]. This four animal team makes you laugh all through the movie. My vote goes to Mel Man, the Giraffe; David Schwimmer is really funny with his excellent sense of timing. Every line for him relates to a medical condition. In my opinion, he is the main event in the movie. The script writers have done a very good job in framing his script.

There are many little things that happen,. You need to be really attentive with the screen play. For example when the animals lose their way to Madagascar island, Alex fights and splits with his buddy Zebra , he builds his own home paradise, which eventually burns down, thanks to Mel Man, but During that break down, just for a second Alex screams to his imaginary pal “Spalding” , reminding you the movie Castaway for a second. Quite funny, there are many places in the movie with similar hidden humor.

Another wonderful character is “The lemur” king; he is introduced with a Rave-Dance party for the song “I want to move it move it”. He talks in a Hollywood Indianish+African accent. He is a sophisticated little thug who rules the lemurs. His expressions and dialogues are framed with humor. Also don’t miss the psychopathic genius penguins, these lovable moon walking little ones are characterized as underground dons.

The over all story is about pampered animals getting lost in the wild. The story is shot and sweet, a set of psychopathic “penguins” decide to break away from New York central park zoo. The destination –“Antarctica”; The Zebra who is also bored get this idea from the penguins and decides to runaway on his own. His friends come after him to get him back to the zoo, however the end up in Madagascar island, where they meet the locals “lemurs”. I don’t want to give away a lot, just go to this movie and be dam attentive with each and every line. It’s worth the money. BTW: Kids would also love it.

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