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The flouring new Indian team lost its way and lost the game to South Africa. I really felt why there was a need to play an international game on a semi constructed stadium. Like players getting tuned by playing first class games the cricket pitch should also be tuned with few first class games. The pitch was an unpredictable slop with uneven bounce; the conditions suited the bowlers more in the first session. Dravid for his part lost a vital toss and as expected India was in trouble right away. Sehwag was tempted and he was out playing the same stroke for the millionth time. I think he never learns. In this process he also gave hopes for Dada.

Sachin might be the player with most number of dubious decisions against him. He was given out caught behind by umpire Hariharan. The ball clearly missed the edge and I really do not know how umpire could miss such decisions. Top order was tinkered once again. Kaif was promoted; it was matter of time before he walked back with a pale face. Dravid was bowled, I think Dravid could have come in at number three; Dravid has the technique to keep the bowlers checked on an unpredictable wicket. But! Keeping it short, thanks to Yuvarj, Harbajan and Ifran India had put forth a respectable score. Yuvarj’s century was worth millions.

Super sub: I really don’t what was the reason to pick Gautham Gambir as the super sub. Ok may be an extra batsmen, but already having 2 openers in the lineup, why not an all rounder like Suresh Raina? On Gambir’s selection - he plays or Sehwag plays.

South African batting was not “fantastic” or “mind sweeping”; the same old Modus operandi - dull mechanical mode. Smith was out plumb in the first over to Irfan. Everyone except the umpire got the decision right. Soon he started to play some strokes and hit Irfan quite well in next few overs. If someone complains about Sehwag’s footwork, hey! What about Smith then? Indian bowling was over all pathetic at stages. Harbajan did reduce the run rate though. However the most pathetic issue in this ordeal was the commentary team, Robin Jackman and Ranjith Fernando especially. Seriously at 12.00 midnight, agony multiplied. There was clearly a bias in commentating by the South African crew, while Mr. Ranjith was settling accounts. The new guy MEL was full of tantrums however South African commentating team appreciated every inch of it. If it had been “dada Ganguva”,oh wait!.. We term that as misbehavior.

Bottom line, India lost the match however gave a good fight, while South Africa did not win it convincingly, from 35-5 they managed to donate 214 runs in spite of unpredictable uneven track - they just won with an over+ to spare. 0-1 , I hope we recover in future games, BCCI should pick stadiums that really suite India. Home team advantage has to be exploited.

Ps: Boasting English team lost the first test to Pakistan!