One more victory, a reality check

Along with in-form injury return Kaif, Yuvaraj Singh finally got runs under his belt. Both saw India home to win the 6th one day, Indians are 6-1 now. Indian team fielding was at his best in this game. 9 out 10 of times fielders were able to hit the stumps directly. The run outs of Dilshan and Arnold were crucial to the game. Dhoni also came up with a lightning speed stumping to get rid of Jayawardhane.

An assertive Sehwag was leading the side with real enthusiasm and confidence; he kept attacking, after seeing the initial onslaught by Messer’s Jaya Suriya & Co, I was nervous about his decision to bowl first. It was a hardcore batting track. Most captains would chose to put up a high score, and then defend it. However Sehwag opted to bowl, after initial hiccups, his bowlers came good with tight line and not to forget some ridiculous batting display by Sri Lankans. Another interesting thing on Sehwag’s captaincy was his field placing, it seemed to be very unique; the region from point to cover was “defended” by 4 best fielders in the side, they just stood on the circle. They stopped everything and anything creating a virtual pressure for the batsmen, who then automatically perished by pressing the panic button.In fact all the fielders were placed just on/around the inner circle.

Sreeshanth was pathetic at the start, and kept bowling short and gave lot of room to Jayasuriya, however soon changed his line and foxed Jayasuriya. More than anyone the left hander R.P.Singh bowled quite well and earned the man of the match, getting four wickets on a “CowPoop” coated batting track is big deal. He deserves the award.

India’s batting order was modified once again. I see no reason why Sehwag took the number one slot. Sachin and Sehwag has to open the innings, this should not change even for experimental reasons. I don’t feel Gautam Gambir can take on new ball on a bowling track. Indians are 6-1; we were underdogs before the series started, the team went through commotion and changes in the team chemistry, however today the team seemed to have over come all the issues, and on the right path.

What is for Gangully in this? What is his future? His credit history for runs is still good on papers, but today the team does not seem to miss his batting or his captaincy tantrums. I really do not know if he would be considered even as player now.

Bottom line, under the new management Indians have won six games comfortably. Under this new management certain usual issues stands corrected. For example Fines, the ICC match referee fund did not get cash inflow till date. The dreaded “Over rate” fine has always been an issue for திருவாளர் Gangully. He often gets penalized by the match referee for time delay, over rate or failing to follow some ridiculous ICC code of conduct principle.

The over rate under new captain Dravid or captain-Sub Sehwag seems to be perfect Or may be we can speculate on this, had the referee been one Mr. Ranjan Madhugulle , at least ICC’s tea expenses would be covered. What ever, the team India looks more disciplined or looks just what the doctor ordered. We need to accept the fact that new Coach Dravid and every team members really want to establish some professional conduct and working ethics in the team. Along with the coach Dravid is ready to work towards such changes and experiments.

I wish the same level of sanitization is done for the BCCI Selection Committee. The latest fiasco by the Joker Bunch was Vikram Singh’s selection. He was selected but now sits out with an injury. What this means is, there was no clear communication between the player, the local board, or the Indian team and or the BCCI HR department, How can board select someone who has been declared unfit?, Joker bunch had no clue who is on the roaster. We cannot expect Kiran More and his cronies to answer any logical, rational questions in this matter.

Some one out there, please check with Ian Chappel, if he is free we can get him to head the BCCI selection committee.