Nov 28th, 1996, boarded an Indian airlines flight to Delhi from where United 747 took us to Chicago via London. We landed 1/2 sleep, cleared the daunting immigration, landed in Minneapolis along with 20 inches of snow. Clueless we were about our future, we started our life, a life similar to a roller coaster ride, today 9 years gone, and we are here! With great friends, family; Thank you god!

India lost the Kolkotta one day game, I really like to know “the experimental reason” for asking Irfan to open, that too when Dravid had time and again mentioned that he is still a bowler in the team. I would never meddle with the top order for a crucial game; I found the idea of promoting Irfan simply ridiculous. Greg Chappel got into some more controversies; it seems he managed to show the middle finger to a bunch of Gangully fans picketing outside the stadium. Though they deserve it, I think the coach should take the higher road in these kinds of issues. Players like Kiriti azad had cribbed as though this was against the “so called culture” I think it is bull, the same fanatics burnt effigies and “slippered” pictures of Chappel before TV cameras. Is this our culture?

Yesterday on Sapthaswarangal [SunTV], the drummer who played for JPR College of engineering, was simply excellent, great sense of timing and perfection, I am sure he has a great future and will come round the Kodambakkam community. The winner of the show was Loyola collage Thanks to their vocalists “Harish” he was amazing and sang with perfection. The keyboardists were also too good and played some tough Raja-Phrases of the 80s with ease. It was really nice to see such young talents have a stage to present them. Thanks to SunTv , in the midst of dull boring soaps, these kinds of musical shows create some sanity in the entertainment values. Talking of soaps I peeked into the serial Kolangal, Yuk!, that’s it. It is really pathetic to see so called “Tamil” creativity reach a new lower level of degradation.

We had a great thanks giving, friends of ours visited, we spent the whole long weekend end talking music, movies and cricket.

We were 191/4 when I uploaded this page; I hope we level the series.