The final game of the series, I got carried away in my earlier Blog and mentioned India was 6-1, however I still believe that my “typo” predication can happen.

India has to open with Sachin and Sehwag; basically this batting pair can create jitters even among good bowlers. I still feel the rotation policy should not be overused on the top order. Gangully and Sachin was one such pair in later part of 90s who created such Jitters.

Dravid should be back in command, and I want Sehwag to score some runs to boost his one day average, which is really mediocre. Or may be some one should tell him this is a test match, he might whack some runs then. Sehwag had recently mentioned that he is not worried about batting form, he is concerned about winning, frankly if this rule is applied to everyone Gangully should be given another chance. As mentioned in my previous Blogs his winning streak was pathetic only for last few years.

Today, Gangully’s return to the side is still a doubt. It is a pity to see a player who has a five figure aggregate to be left out for granted. However if anyone is to blame for this, it should Gangully himself. We need to agree that GanguDADA was a different Indian captain; the rest of the cricketing world simply assumes an Indian captain to be timid person. It was in this manner. Gangully certainly changed this equation in the cricketing world. He did follow Steve Waugh’s Sledging or sugar coated “Mental Aggression” Techniques. He did reply to the media with aggression etc. This is all good and different from other previous Indian captains.

But a captain, the CEO of the team has to set an example; this includes off and on the field. His fielding abilities were useless, and he was informed about this from various quarters, still he never bothered to improve. His running between wickets, he never grounds his bat, this is basics, and once again experts told him correct his weakness for which he never cared. Off the field, many have complained about him for not sticking to the schedule, not coming in proper uniform for Toss. These issues might sound minor to him however when it comes to the CEO post, it matters a lot for the post. Such minor issues have accumulated against him over a period of time.

Bottom line, one need to respect the “designation”, “portfolio”, if not the designation will not respect him/her.

In my 2 cent opinion, statically Ganguly has phenomenal scores and records, India should have this player in the squad. However he has collected a lot of speed tickets points and never cared to resolve them. This attitude will supersede the statistical value and make him look like a real bad boy. Only some superlative performance in domestic cricket can get him back into the team, until I feel he is done.

Finally, some H1BEES Buzzzzzzzz..
How would your name sound on French Radio?
Yes, my album effort was discussed in "Radio France". Radio France carried a 6 minute capsule talking about me, my album and my wonderful team of artist/marketing personals behind this effort. Shankar our Marketing/Pro KGuru told me about his yesterday; Thanks to him, if not for Shankar we would have never known about this.

Le portrait du jour par Marc Kravetz
Srikan't et les H-1Bees
You can check their website here online.
Thanks to Radio France for this introduction and provding a link to h1bees.com.

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