Great Depression of Chennai

50,000+ cricket fans went depressed today in Chennai, thanks to the clipper “depression” that sailed over Chennai. Third time in a row people of Chennai were denied from watching good game of cricket. When India was all set to beat Australia, the final day’s play was washed out, and then the washout New Zealand game, now one more to the list.

When it comes to good cricket, Chennai is already under the Set top box fiasco spell, now it is the turn of the weather gods; Mr. Varuna is really stingy when it comes to Chennai, but he suddenly decides to shed his charitable contributions over Chennai. Alas one more game gobbled by a depression from Bay of Bengal. It was kind of sad to watch people who showed up for the game busy cursing the rain god, the irony here is for past few years the city has been trying very hard to impress Mr. Varuna, he was their temporary enemy today.

Most went back home just in time to catch the evening quota of Tele serials that establishes Tamil culture and its heritage. This also includes reality shows called “News” where we get to see tamil men and tamil women with broom sticks cursing in pure Tamil about some one in full throat.

It is not very surprising to know that BCCI have no clue about geography in general. They don’t know even their own boss till date, so how will they know the north East Monsoon around the Coromandal Coast? A school kid will tell you that it rains cats and dogs or if not at least some rats in Chennai during October and November time frame. What is the point in scheduling a game during this period? Chennai does having a fantastic competitive stadium, so what? Our proud TNCA is always on the bad books of BCCI for political reasons; so we don’t get good games, if at all we get, it rains out. Out of 50,000, I hope at least 40,000 loyal cricket fans get their money refunded; the rest 10,000 allocated were OC tickets anyway.

Sitting on the other side of the world, I woke up this morning at about 3.55am, just to catch glimpse of my home town, when the camera pans I would look for someone I know. My little Banner which I made - "Rain Rain go away - come again another day" our little Sachin want to play! Went waste; Kolkota, here we come!

Good day.

Ps: Please donate your old geography books to BCCI.