Over the weekend, watched a movie on DVD called 'Ullam Ketkumae’. I liked the movie for its theme and clean screen play. We have seen similar movies about collage love, fun etc, however the young cast in this movie made it more realistic. No “heroism” or “Chroma key” fights or “Punch Dialogues”, or “Teacher teasing in name of comedy” or “over loaded soft core porno” a set of simple love stories /infatuations that is knitted around college life. Characters in the movie can found in everyone’s school life. Harris Jeyaraj does a fine job in few songs however in every song he uses some weird language for the hook phrase, “Lieko Laima” was one such thing I am yet to understand. There were some impressive English lyrics too, however singing seemed too loud. I wish more movies are made in this manner and this movie would be really interesting if the running time is reduced by 60 minutes. Since the director has to cater for 3 hours, he had to include some dragging Tamil movie elements.

Yesterday evening saw “BABA the movie” on Sun TV, since this has been discussed I have nothing more to comment on this, however the end of the movie there was a note - “to be continued..” I really don’t know what the intention was, may be “BABA” becomes a post graduate, which is “ ” Thank god as Rajini fan I have Chandramuki to celebrate.

It is been raining in Chennai; one day might be washed out or a shortened game are in cards. India won the Banglore one day in style. Sehwag played a good innings to ensure his place in the team. Weekend I was also busy with few recordings and composing sessions. Yes! Another project in the pipe line already and things are starting to pick up. Expect some announcements end of next month.

Lieko laima – Have a Good day.