One more big time H1bees Buzz, H1Bees on “All Things Considered”.

Vatsa and I were on NPR on Sunday on “All Things Considered”; we spoke about the album and my musical ventures. I also did an impromptu composing for them, a simple melody on the Raga Amurthavarshini with little bass and drum parts.

It was a pleasure to talk to the NPR, Thanks to Tracy Wahl - NPR, for this interview. And thanks to my boss Craig Shaffer for permitting me to talk to them during working hours in my office. Yah!, I am still a dedicated computer consultant and not yet a full time musician.:)

You can listen to it here.
All things Considered
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Now back to Never ending Cricket Craze…
Great victory for the India team; we can enjoy this victory for one more day. I was browsing through some statistics in Rediff .com, surprise! I did find something interesting.

Record #1. Indian wicket-keeper Dhoni hit 17 sixes in the series. He established a new world record of most sixes in an ODI series/tournament.

Do you know who was holding this record before along with Jayasuriya?
Gangully - 16 sixes in 7 matches; He falls in 2 slots for this world record meaning 3rd and 6th position for his record is held by Gangully.

Record #2: Dravid and Dhoni had an outstanding Average of above 100, this is the third and fourth instances where Indian batsmen ending a series or tournament with an average of 100-plus while scoring at least 300 runs.
Do you who second person to have such a record
Gangully ICC Champion Trophy, 2000-01, Total of 348 – with an average of 116.00

It is a pity to watch a person with such batting talent being neglected out rightly from Indian cricket. I don’t want to take side and argue for Gangully. However I feel Gangully deserves another chance and on his side he needs to accept the fact “No One is indispensable”. I am sure he can do better in spite of the golden ducks in a recent first class game. I feel the pitch must have been a “clay” pond.:)

Good day.