Music: Dr. Thomas invited me to attend the Washington post Scholarship awards on Saturday. Every year Washington post presents Scholarship awards to high school students in DC metro area for their talent. Alisha and Swathi were among the finalists. Alisha performed live “Daddy’s girl” a song written by Udhaya and composed by me. It was composed for the short film Stinking Cigar, directed by Arun. It was really fantastic to watch Alisha sing in front of 400 people; to me it was an amazing experience to hear my composition on the Warner Theater’s PA system, later people cheering for the track. Thanks to Alisha for choosing this track.

“Swathi Raman”, [She sang Thikutheriyadha katil in my H1BEES album]. She sang a Carnatic Number along with a Mirudangam accompaniment. For the entire evening all most 95% of the songs were in English, Swathi went ahead and choose a Tamil classical number, In her 3 minutes time slot she sang “thUkiya thiruvadi” , she managed to squeeze in little “kalapana swarams” with a mini “nerval” too. It was a great pleasure for me to hear the only Indian language/Tamil song for the entire evening. One more Indian high school kid played the “Dhol”, man he was amazing!

Having used both the voices before in my recordings, it was a proud movement for me to watch these teen singers expand their talent horizon. During the evening there were many fantastic Tap dance, Ballet dance and opera presentations, many talented kids performed mind blowing stuff. Congratulations to all the winners.

Circle the best answer,
Q) What would happen to a person if he is thrown from 3000 feet mountain cliff? He is about 200 pounds.
(a)[RIP] He Rests in Pieces
(b)He survives but with a skull, rib, shoulder, hands, legs, hip fractures and be in a coma for next year or two.
(c)In about 20 minutes he walks out from a 1970 Benz with his newly married wife.

If your name is NOT K.S. Ravikumar you would be thinking about choosing (a) or (b), and never ever consider (c), C is clearly illogical by any IQ standards. Yesterday I was watching Thalaivar’s movie “Muthu” and the above question is from the “chapter 22 – Climax”. In 1990-95 semesters, KS.Ravikumar chooses option C and passed the exam with flying colors. God only knows how? Taking about GOD, Sachin was rested for the 5th one day; India managed to lose an easy game in spite of 2 good knocks by Gambir and Dravid. Winning is a habit, I feel India has left an opening for the Lankan’s. Hope the team comes back with full force to maintain the winning streak.

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