American “I-Drool"

American Idol for all its glory finally evolved into a pathetic Fiasco on Fox. Yesterday contestants were asked to pick songs from the 21st century. This proved to be a disaster. Either they sang it really bad or the songs from 21st century sucked right royally what ever, yesterday all most all the vocal performances was well below the word ‘Pathetic’. As if this was not enough the show reached its bottom when the world witnessed irrational behavior from one of the judge Yes, you guessed it, Paula Abdul. - “Paula Strikes again”

American “I” Drool fame Paula Abdul all of a sudden started to drool over a scar on one of the contestant’s chest. He was very happy to show it to the world, while Paula drooled on the Live TV asking about the scratch mark. Poor Simon and Randy remembering last year’s “episode” rushed to stop her chemical imbalances and tried to restore some sanity in the show. Paula needs to behave like an evaluator not a screw loose admirer. And she better remember that this is a live show watched by teens and “little kids”. Frankly this morning I heard a kid in the train comment “yesterday Paula seem to be drunk more than the regular.”

Next Mr.Ryan Secrest - I don’t know how many noted the sudden change in Ryan Secrest yesterday; He would often take cheap pot shots at Simon at regular intervals. Though some looked to be scripted, often Simon would look shocked but would just ignore it. This culture soon spread to the contestant who gained guts to reply back to the judge’s opinion. Now from yesterday audience also started to do the same.
The audience for their part turned this entire show to something very near to the Day time fiasco called Jerry Springer Cat fight show. Booing at the judges is not accepted by any norms, they are the “judges” they are being paid to evaluate the contestant, let them do their job; their opinions should be respected. Only on Fox you see such crap. This whole live thing is not working.

Yesterday too Ryan Secrest went over board with his remarks on Simon. But following this incident, suddenly all of his tantrums were shut down and he just stood there reading the teleprompter without his usual expressions. Wow! Finally someone in Fox had guts to control this guy. I think some one in the fox high command had put the lid on him. Good for the show, he is not there to judge the judges or to speak for the contestants. His is just a Master of ceremony, a host, whose primary job is to read the teleprompter. Period;

Hopefully today we will see some sanity restored back, and or result, for the way they sang yesterday I think all the 10 should go home.