Game Day
[India vs England - 1st Test -2nd day]

All right I did watch the game, how and where!! No comments.

About 15 years ago Test matches were considered to be nothing but a prolonged bore; 8 out of 10 times end result would be a domesticated draw. This really made cricket uninteresting for many, however cricket was saved by the one day games, and one day games got back people to watch the game ever than before. One day games also made test cricket interesting, its positive sides are batsmen started to be more aggressive, captains and coaches got in to strategy plays, over all momentum in the game improved. However yesterday watching India bat, I started to feel we are dipping back into the old era of Sloth bear cricket, dull batting by the Indians. At close, Dravid was standing there like a wall with a strike rate around 35. Indians were 136-1 at close with a microscopic scoring rate of around 2. Halo! What is the game plan? Kill time? Or help insomniacs to sleep tight?

Though I have to agree that English bowlers bowled a well planned line, but it was not devastating, Players like Dravid can change their strategy to tackle such line and keep the score board ticking. Wasim Jaffer played well. His batting approach is apt for test cricket, his batting style resembles Sanjay “the technique” Manjrejar. This guy seems to have better temperament than many recent Indian openers. Jaffer has the potential to take the number 1 position, the 3 year musical chair league for this post might come to an end.

My Concern, what if few quick wickets tomorrow morning? Dravid need not slash and play out of the way, just give work to the scorers; there were mere part time employees.

Next, Story of “Mr. That’s how he plays.” Damn! Sehwag; Pakistanis discovered his weakness, bringing the ball into him from outside off keeps Viru pegged. English did their home work well. Flintoff captaincy needs to be applauded, his bowlers moved the ball right into middle & leg, and did not give him any width or room. Then they forced him to drive on the off, placed a man in close cover area to catch it, it took about 30minutes to nail Viru down Hoggard did the needful. A powerful stroke came from middle of the Bat but was caught by Kevin Pietersen positioned specially for this purpose; at once Indian commentators switched on their recorded message, “that’s how he plays!” Sehwag always tends to hit the ball in air around that area. Coach! What is he doing?

He is busy talking about Gangully; once again Chappel stirred up unwanted controversy on disposed Indian captain Gangully. He mentioned in a recent interview that Gangully did not want to give up his captaincy for financial purpose. What the heck, the poor guy was dropped and sent to confinement, I think it is time to shut the ** up and focus on the game Mr. Greg “Roll the ball my Brother” Chappel. BCCI for a once behaved sane and has warned the coach. Or at least it says so in public.

during the morning session, English batsmen played well and took over the mediocre bowling. Why Dravid did not try Sachin? He kept on giving it to Kumble, imo, Kumble was totally ineffective and predictable. Sreesanth did get four wickets agreed still I feel he has a long way to go, and I wish he stops doing a kathakali-dance solo for every wicket. Irfan, from being called “Tofhan” etc has become a hand fan. He is well under “construction” area speed limits. India has to score about 600 runs in next 1.5 days to stay in the winning race

Commentary team! It was a pleasure to listen to Dean Jones, Botham, Gower and Nasser Hussein. Their language never sounded hurting even when criticizing.
A rumor down the grape wine:The sound engineer for Nimbus made LSiva sit 20 feet away from the microphone in order to curb his involuntary and voluntary randomatic sound spikes. Srinath still seemed to be “evil-eye-protective pumpkin” in the gang.

Good day.