Game Day
[India vs England - 2nd one day]

India won! Thanks to Suresh Raina and Dhoni, they put their heads down and proved their selection is worth a million. Raina now has chances to get a permanent seat in the team, this is the second time he drove the Indian wagon to victory. This guy has a great potential, Raina’s batting technique resembles David Gower. Just like Gower, Raina’s technique is all about timing and grace. He is not a power hitter but a powerful timer of the ball. He knows his weakness and manages it quite well. Temperament is also growing. Also Dhoni’s temperament needs to be appreciated,. He kept his head down and guided Raina quite well. He also drove him around the park. Scoring 80 runs in this tough wicket is quite a task, only few players I know that could do it, one is currently recouping in London, while we found another who is just 19 - Suresh Raina is a great prospect for India.

The day started with Irfan and Sreesanth bowling some what well, But Sreesanth gave up soon and started to bowl too or [three] Short. Dravid had no choice other than to get his ace bowler, Harbajan - who managed to get the break through. Romesh Powar also bowled a tight line but he dropped a [caught and bowled] sitter, only reason I can say for this pathetic mess - his "Made for Tolly-wood" glasses. An easy dolly went down. Raina also dropped a tough chance for Kevin Pieterson who went on to make runs. It is matter of time Kevin Pieterson runs out of luck.

India batting, Viru seems to get into the groove. But Gautham Gambeer played the worst shot of his entire cricketing carrier.., he was well settled to score 50 or more. His carelessness made it easy for the Fate to take its course. Dravid after wasting [or some call it settling down] about 20 balls to score 5, he was run out on his own accord for nothing.

Kaif, a cat only has 9 lives but Kaif – he is been enough opportunity than many but fails quite frequently, his technique is totally flawed. Last time he scored was when Haley’s comet passed by earth Orbit. So we can see him in action in the year 2020AD Seriously, By all means Gangully is a better bet than Kaif. He deserves a recall.

Finally, Laxman Sivarama Krishnan is back with his superlative expressions, his mojo on using superlatives suddenly shot up like Google Stock. Yesterday he used about 20 or more superlatives to describe standard fielding and bowling effort. The most irritating thing was this Raina reaching manhood; He was repeating ராமாயி Raina வயசுக்கு வந்துட்டான் dialogue about 20 times a minute. What the heck – சிவராம, அடங்குடா :)

Have a great weekend.