The Weekend Wastage

Match drawn against my will and prediction, I always felt India can chase up to 350; I wish Dravid had stepped up his game some time after lunch. Who in the world asked him to mimic Ravi Sashtri?. This slow dull batting reached an extreme, I secretly prayed for umpire to given him out he did in the first innings. He could have kept a healthy run rate for other Indian batsmen to carry on the so called shock treatment. When Irfan and Sachin could start kicking runs on short notice, I really don’t understand why a well settled batsmen struggled to push for singles. The amount of dot balls Dravid left was more than the number of babies born in India during the month.

Sehwag - how long he is going to escape by "That's how he plays" theory - let us wait and watch.

Sachin slammed one gem of an innings, seriously he took the charge quite well, and only if Dhoni had an edge of luck and stayed on, we would be talking something else today. The sudden surge made sure that England did not walk away with an upper hand. I also feel they survived some parts of the game due to poor umpiring decisions. Kevin Pietersen's decision was a night mare. And the first ball Collionwood faced was plumb however umpire just said no. Such umpiring blunders are enough to change the morale in the team. Indian dropped too many and their body language was as dull as yesterday’s Oscars.

Next Test in Mohali, Yuvraj would be in for Kaif. Kaif I feel is lucky to be in the team. The rule of youngsters applied for Gangully is now in the freezer. Suresh Raina was shown the door. For all means Raina is a better bet than Kaif. Kaif technique is really poor. Munuf Patel might play but instead of whom?. Here is short story, a night watchmen in a factory dreams one night about the factory being to burned, he calls his superiors and warns them right away, Yes his dream vision was right on dot, he saved the factory, everyone praised him etc, however next day management fired him. Reason a person recruited as Night Watchmen, cannot sleep in his job. Story of Irfan Pathan is similar, he came in as a bowler, better be one, if not he has to sit out.

Oscars:John Stewart was given five months to come up with a funny script, what he had yesterday was mediocre, Except for the VP joke, nothing seemed really funny. But for the grumpy same old first rows of Oscar this is enough. What people wear to the Oscars seem to a big deal on TV. Often a dress that is nearly close to undress! Wins the race; With boring Oscars on the other end, I kept channel surfing.

SunTV, until Vaiko was in their party he was not given any air time, after his shift to the other side, he gets about 20,000 hrs of free Air Time, all of his speeches right from 900bc were dusted, cleaned and played back with action replays and உங்கள் நண்பன் L.R.Narayanan's style echo repeats. People in Chennai tell me, the TV Station located at Brother Sense-Temple had an stomach burning aroma all round. In all this Sun Tv did not mention about counter offer from the Other side which was about 5 times than what their side offered. For next 3 months - super தாமாஷ் தான் போங்க.

Finally, Instead of Crash getting the best feature film award, the selection Committee should have considered giving it to "Ramachandra" that was playing on the other end [SunTV] during Oscars. Satyaraj Raj’s inferno dialogues coupled with nose crying sentimental lectures seem perfectly made for an Oscar. When making spoof movies next time, SatyamJi should check his godown first, his godown seems to have plenty of scripts that work best for Spoof. SunTV style sonna: Ramachandra – Mookasindra.

Good day!