Over the weekend!

We are set of the one day internationals. After the pathetic draw in the test series against the second fiddle English lineup, Dravid and men are under real pressure. Team Indian missing out important players; Sachin out and while Viru seems to be totally unfit resembles a walking Rasagulla. Coach who is supposed to motivate seems to be doing nothing. frankly after the final test, Team India looked pathetic!. I feel, Gangully deserves a recall, a batsmen of his caliber is a need for this hour. Instead of brewing fresh wine – Old wine might help here. I would get back Gangully to redeem some batting sanity in the team. Pathan opening - he is a bowler and his job is to keeping bowling at 135+ kmph. These days Kumble’s flipper seems faster than Pathan’s bowling. Dravid will think about 2000000 times before making a decision on the toss.

Saturday I was at Richmond, Sound mixing a live show for Rasika. The show was fantastic and Rasika musicians played music to its perfection. Really enjoyed working with them. The same show will be held in DC coming Saturday. Apart from the proceeds going to a noble cause, I think it worth paying to watch these musicians in action. Watch out for Ajith singing Ye Jo Mohabat! Please book your tickets now.

Finally, I saw in the comment section about Super Star stunts when compared with Cabton, check this and see how Super-Star feels about it. Thanks to Rags! for finding this gem :)

Good day!.