What the heck?

This test is another proof that confirms, people responsible for international cricket fixtures in India never went to school. Few months ago they managed and scheduled games in Chennai during monsoons and now they do the same in Mohali, once again blame the snowing in nearby mountains. Something like weather man here, if it is warm and nice Wow! What a bright California weather, if it is cold and rainy at once they blame El nino from Mexico for it.

There is no one to question BCCI; I did not pay the noose bleed charges to watch this night mare. Else I would be singing “கொட்டும் மழை காலம் உப்பு விக்க போனென்”...thanking God for it.

Kumble in the new movie - “Googly in the Darkness”, it works for him and got few wickets, he is now nearing 500 wickets mark. The ball he bowled yesterday to take out Collinwood was termed as a leg spinner classic by few commentators, either they blindly love Kumble or they have not seen Chandra, Warne or Abul Kadhir in action. “Googly in the Darkness”, will continue again today.

Good day