Technically a Nose cry

For what it is worth, I sent an email [technically tried an outbursts but ended up as a nose cry] to Dish Network and they answered me, Thanks to them.
-------- My nose cry ----------------------------------------------------
This is in regard to cricket matches between India and England. I see that Dish net work has fixed a very high pay per view rate. $169.99. This is really painful. I have been paying and watching cricket for about past 7 years using Dish network, been a loyal customer. Today there are plenty of website offering the games live via broad band connection, for a very meager sum of $20 for entire series, I clearly understand the quality offered by Dish network is no where near these site, however technology is such today, good viewing quality can be offered using a streaming strength of 250kbs, mind it! If saves about $150, hey! Tell me who would not go in search of such sites. Being a long time loyal customer and avid cricket follower, I expected Dish network to provide these games for lesser amount. For next 3 years, there are plenty of games involving India. I am sure you can break even costs. I guess you are going to pass the blame on to the provider [Nimbus communication], having sold rights for lucrative profit all over the world, and it is voracious of them to charge such high amount to US customers. After all Cricket fans in US sacrifice their sleep to follow these games.
Kindly reduce your rates and please give the regular customer a good deal.
[I don’t mind paying $20 per month for a full fledged cricket channel],
Seriously don’t you think $17 per game is ruthless? I don’t think it is really going to keep loyal customers like me; simply ridiculous

Reply from Dish Network

Dear Mr. Devarajan,
Thank you for your e-mail. We understand that you are frustrated about the high price of the Cricket Package. DISH Network would like to provide programming and pay-per-views at the lowest possible cost to pleased our customers, however, there are other factors that are considered when determining the prices of the packages that we offer. As what you have mentioned, the price passed on to DISH Network by the provider would be the major factor. We thank you for your input and rest assured that we are continually reviewing our options in order to provide a compelling programming for our viewers. If you have any further questions or concerns, please reply to this e-mail or call our Customer Service hotline at 1-800-333-3474. Your business is greatly appreciated and we thank you for allowing us to be of assistance to you.
Kathleen B.
DISH Network eCare

Ok, so as expected they played the same ball game, “We have no control over the pay per view price”; it is Nimbus & co which is greedy. Damn! Now does anyone know how to contact Nimbus communications? mostly I might end up talking to BCCI. I am sure Nimbus will pass the parcel to BCCI, Nimbus or NEEMBus!? Just for a second assuming if I get to talk to someone in BCCI, it would a mere talking to the Namitha-Wall [குட்டிச்சுவர் Sir– ok! That was crude!] Just one question why can’t dish Network get a cricket channel? Seriously I am sure this channel will have more viewers than the truncated McEnroe Talk show on CNBC [a rating of 0.1%, yes .1 for the camera man who had to watch the crap.] or better worth than the money I spend on watching the Divine elephant trash a loud mouth so called business thug for past few years.

Ok! I hear $0 to $30 you get fantastic streaming over various p2p...go get it dude.

When I opened the editorial section of the post this morning for a second I thought the cold war between Dada Gangully & Greg “show ‘m the middle finger” Chappel has reached the post!

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