Game Day
[India vs England - 3st Test]

Indians trying their best to lose this test match. They seem to have taken a proclamation even if England provides with opportunity they WILL lose this test match”

First, Fielding and Catching - about million catches were dropped. Captain by example, Dravid holds a record for most number of catches, but in past few games he seems to compete for most number of catches dropped in slips. He did take one blinder but that does not cover for his dropped catches.

One missed catch is bad luck or mistake, but 7 already in this test is sheer recklessness. Had the catches been taken, Indians could have restricted the English to well below 300. Mr. Yuvraj “the always trying to showoff” Singh dropped a sitter at the end of the 3rd day and raised the number of catches dropped in the series to 16. Coach! What the #### you are doing?

Batting forms: Sachin’s worrying batting form continues, I am a biased Sachin fan rather a devotee, in spite of this, his form worries me a lot. He is making it easy for his haters to make fun of his genuine achievements. Indian crowd, just like they did to Kapil, Gavaskar, Ravi Sastri went on to honor the home town boy. They booed Sachin out as he took a painful walk back to pavilion. Yes, who would not, he played a careless shot and literally donated his wicket. God one day - the reverse the next day; to come out this tight spot, his only option is to play and score runs, else who knows, a voluntary retirement can be on cards.

Dravid’s batting gift, I agree he is greatest technical player with a great average and currently at this best. Wall, Doll everything is ok, but - this very very very very slow batting approach in the name of saving the game cultivates confidence to bowlers. To me Dravid seems to start as though India is on 20/7 and he has to play for next 365 days and draw the game somehow. He has the capacity to push the run rate; I don’t know why he is restricting himself. He needs to increase his strike rate. I wish Dravid maintains a strike rate above 50

Sehwag’s batting weakness Identified – he got out the same way as in Mohali. Just like Sachin, Yuvaraj and Irfan played irresponsible strokes and donated their wickets.

Finally umpiring, Tonight, Darrel Hair would be induced into the fairytale hall of fame. He will be joining the 3 blind mice crew; he would be the 4th blind mice. The fairy god mother has also changed the song “3 blind mice” to “4 blind mice”.
I do not know what the “Hair” - Hair is doing there. Dhoni's decision was a close call, the bails did not dislodge fully, imo this did not have full evidence, but I do not know what Hariharan saw and he simply ruled him out and sealed it for lucky England. Hari or Hair - bottom line Ridiculous umpiring errors;

I think above points are enough to give an upper hand to any team that follows basics. On paper English team when compared to the boasted Indian lineup are just the second fiddle. However their captain who seem to have more brainy matter than ours was right on spot when it came to basics. This pushed India to the back seat.

3 days of cricket gone - English are clear favorites for past 2.5 days, but the last hour we witnessed great bowling from the Indians ,this has rasised our hopes. This game is so crazy anything can happen - Indians can get them out for about 150 by lunch time and go for a killer win or England scores about 250 and let India face their music. In any case, Dravid will land there with a crate of fevicol and Indians will play for a draw, what ever! - I don’t think Indian team deserves to win.