India Wins! Aussies limed.

Indians Won! Dravid and his team made it happen again. Congratulations! I thoroughly enjoyed this test match, expect for few concerns.

Harbajan – is he still effective? The only wicket he took was “technically” a dubious decision.

Dravid’s strike rate, I hear he was the wall etc, but I feel he has the capacity to push and play more positive cricket than the current over-cautious approach. Score board must be ticking so that batsmen following will face a simpler music.

Sachin critics are all set to open the can of worms again on him.

It is time to check Umpire Hair for Nyctalopia.

Fielding ,
There were lot of dropped catches, even the captain dropped easy dollies. This has to be corrected. Dravid at times losses focus in slips because of his constant communication with the bowler. Next Yuvraj Singh, a great fielder in gully/point area where the body language is entirely different, however he seems to have a technical flaw when standing close [sillypoint/shortforwardleg]. When standing close he has to lie really low to “snatch” the bat/pad catches, if he does the slight upward movement like in gully, it is enough to miss vital catches.Captain and Coach should take care of these 2 issues. We cannot drop catches. And miss direct hit run-outs, yes Indians needs to be trained more to hit stumps directly.

Over all, I have feeling this game must have been won by an innings and some runs. The slow batting the first innings could have been avoided, thanks to tail which made some quick runs. Next Mumbai! here we come.

Finally, South Africa played the best game in one day history yet!, chasing anything more than 300 against Australia is Herculean Task, 435 is something unimaginable. 873 in 100 overs, is subcontinent pitches flat? Who says so?

Ricky pointing has commented that it is kind easy to chase 400! is it? I don’t think so, it is not easy even against Bangladesh. For now he is Ricky the மீசையிலெ மண்னு Ponting.

Smith is a very nice cricketer and he deserves all the praises. As pledged by him, Ricky and his team, were limed to the fullest extent possible without using Calcium Oxide. I feel Aussies are about to go through a downward trend. This game was Live on Direct TV hence DVD should be soon in Mohini palace.

Good day!