Just Google, you will find anything and everything in record breaking time frame. Google is one of the greatest Search engine today. You can find information on anything right from Pizzas to Pulavs to Paneer Kurmas to Rocket science. However, there is a down side to Google What!, I hear others saying “are you kidding, even this web site is hosted by Google? Do you know that?” Yes I know, but read below.

Few months ago I asked my junior team member to code a module. The estimated time for this task was around 40 hrs. Aka a weeks time at least. However this guy came up with the module in about 4 hrs and told me it is almost done, by evening it was complete. I was amazed by this speed of coding and asked him few changes in the module, for which he is coding for more than 82 hrs.

How? He was able to do it right the first time but struggled to modify it the second time? The answer to this is “Google” he just found a solution by Googling. Never wanted to use his ideas, Just “cut and past” the code he found, bingo it works, He never learnt the code, hey it works, that’s all it requires today, Sweet to hear, he just did what millions of others around the world are doing today.

How many computer programmers today really think about writing simple or complex modules or code snippets? Only a handful, these guys simply post them in their Blog or on their website, rest of the world has the power of Google to find it. No trouble no hassle.

If I want to find something as small as how to write a SQL connection string , I blindly “Google” and get the code, and add to my module, simply cut and past the code. “Very Very Convenient”, But few years ago this was not the case, I would get the concept of connection strings from a book and I will take pains to type the code myself, which in due course will stay in Brain.

But very soon human thinking capacity will diminish, yes, who needs it, hey there is Google, and it will get any solution for you in milliseconds. I think in about 10 years from now, human brains will be slower than what it is today; People will not put efforts to cultivate or learn through their Analytical skills in general, Google shall be one main contributor to this process. This might sound to be an over reaction, but think and see for yourself.

I heard on CNN, some universities have devised methods to spot student researchers that use Google to make their research easy and quick. I agree we need to Google for information; Google is the best, in my case it helps my music to be known to others. I love Google but at the same time I don’t prefer to over “Google”

ps: I Googled on the world "dumb" in google,
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