The “Hooey Gooey“ selection - Kaif vs. Chopra

Chopra: Total: 427 average: 25.12 Catches: 14
Kaif: Total: 141 Average:20.14 Catches:1.

The last time Kaif played Test cricket was against Sri Lanka on Aug 9th 2001., Just a reminder now it is Oct 2004, how can we even think of selecting a player who was asked to go out in 2001 from poor test cricket form? Is Indian cricket short of batsmen? Kaif’s has played in 8 innings, his scores are as follows: 12, 23, 37, 14, 17, 19, 14, and 5. No even a 50. Doest it sound Ridiculous! , Wait want to read something outrageous than the previous one, Let us now examine Chopra’s scoring trend. His debut was against New Zealand, he scored 42, followed by 31, 60, 52, 36, 4, 27, 20, 48, 4, 45, 2, 42, 2, 5, 0, 5 Even if you compare last 4 innings of Chopra (Total:93) and Kaif (Total:45), Chopra has scored more than him. Why was he dropped? Just for not scoring runs, a ludicrous Claim! Or for poor fielding, give me break, even catches he took is much more than Kaif. He is been remarkable in the close in field.

I agree Kaif comes down in the middle order to bat, while Chopra opens so his scoring is not as high as Chopra, yada yaya, the simple logic is to replace an opener, we need another opener, not a middle order guy. Please go get a specialized opener, don’t force and push middle order players to open instead, opening is a specialized position, it is a very costly spot. Yuvraj takes over opening slot for nothing, and the “form less” Kaif recalled filling his spot. Let me tell you a better strategy than selecting Yuvraj as an opener , simply recall Sunil Gavasker.

What a quagmire for Indian cricket, there is no single person in Indian selection board to take it over the head of Gangully! Remember, Gangully has already forced Dravid to keep wickets in one day games, in the name of 7 batsmen line up it that not enough?

By the way, what is the coach doing? As far as I know, a coach in Indian cricket team is a mere data entry operator, and he is never responsible for team’s action.

All said and done, Thanks to Anil Kumble for taking the Aussies on, he has provided some relief and match is now open to the Indians, It is high time for the batsmen to prove why they are in the team, if batsmen fails or not, It is Gangully responsibility to provide a justifiable answer for the “Hooey Gooey” selection of Kaif in the team.