The Sun TV twinge

Any Hindu religious occasion, Sun tries to air so called special programs with 2 movies of which one is a popular movie and a first timer on Tv, in grand old Indian television history. At this rate soon “Amavasai” and “ekadasais” will be capitalized by them soon. However beware their parent group will be trashing people belief.

While watching Sun TV, I realized 70% of the time we are forced to watch commercials that serves us no good. Why should I worry about a store inauguration some where in the remote corner of Tamil Nadu? I really wonder if people in other parts of Tamil Nadu would worry about this store, I am sitting on the other side of the world, why should I care? Ridiculous, it becomes worse when this commercial is shown mercilessly for about 200000 times a day; agony is I pay $15 to get this BS directly via satellite.

People listen, if this continues soon we would all go to Wal-Mart and look for Cinderella patu “pavAdai” or Arasan washing soap. And Wal-Mart for its part would start importing “Arsan” soap and CNN’s Lou Dobbs will scream at Indian soap industry. He will claim Americans are now moving offshore [to India] for their laundry.

The “PKP” epidemic
“PKP” = Pudhusu kanna Pudhusu, now has changed to “F…K…F” , don’t mistake me for the F, though it does create such words in my mind, the “FKF” here is FIRST KANNA FIRST, it seems “kungu” has grossed a million in circulation. , yes! it can happen why not, when my counter below can reach 2 million without much advertisement they can do it no doubt, how did I do ?, I simply started from 9,99,999, I reach the target at once.. People, if you are looking for my counter, it is there, but it cannot display 1 million; There is also one more way to do this, during “Autograph” days [school days], when we play local cricket matches, simply to get a higher total we cheat and increase our score, for each run scored, a run is added as bonus, however most of the time umpire catches us red handed, but for ”kungu” I really don’t know.

Best joke is they show teens reading this book, are teens in Tamil Nadu become so much literature deprived? I like to meet those teens and offer my condolences. Tamil reading Teens, get it loud and clear, Dudes there are other good books like Sarojadevi , Debonair out there , Try them at once and maintain the teen integrity and sanctity.

Today morning researchers have found that number of the times this advertisement shown in a month is 200 times more than number of pages printed for this whole year.
PKP -- Yes you made the sales, thank you!, we got the message, you are the best book ever known to the mankind right from the days for “tholkApier”, now shut up and show us some other good program and make our $15.00 justifiable. It is time for PKP - POrum Kanna POrum.

ps:Next time when you go Wal-Mart please don’t look for Arasan soap. Its my plea to you folks;