It is Finger pointing time.

I was reading various reports in the press for last 1 hour during lunch break.
I was trying to find the “bali kada”

“Who shall we blame for various cricketing fiasco of our home team?”

John Wright Factor: If a NFL or NBA team performs as badly as India, first axe that falls will be on the coach. It is clear here the Coach is not able to use or control his resources to get its full potential. When it comes to a star studded line up like India, Team chemistry is very vital. Coach has to have the control. L.A. Lakers in spite of having stars were nothing until Phil Jackson took the reign. Coach plays a critical role to combine the resources in a workable manner. I think it right time for John Wright to be fired and get a new coach, my choice is to try someone like Dean Jones for next 2 years.

However currently the BCCI is ferociously fighting in court to find who will be guarding the cricket coffers for next few years, a group that is not able not decide its own leader , how are they going to decide on a new coach. Even God might check few things before he knows about this.

Parthive patel, in a recent column in TOI says he saw video clipping of his wicket keeping in Pakistan and does not find any difference now, so can we conclude you sucked there and here? Or He is a totally confused adolescent not knowing his boss?
It seems Kiran More , the now promoted Sr. selector [who you might remember as the honest Raj who complained about a local cricketer who offered him bribe],has given free tips to Parthive Patel. More is his god father who fought with Kirmani to retain Patel and [chased poor Kiri out into the woods].

Poor Patel cannot say no to him. While the team coach Mr. Wright has given some instruction that is contradictory to Kiran More’s golden advice. So this poor kid lost his focus and did not know whom to follow, trying to please both, he screwed up in his job. Apart from this two, he is also supposed to take commands from the Commander-in-chief, aka, Captain. Poor Patel was misguided and lost his place in my golu eleven and will be losing his place in the real Indian team. There is something to be learned from this, Can Selectors advice the players? Where is line of command stop? There also rumors that he has eye sight problem etc. Patel has to forget International cricket for time being And try after 2 years, he still has time for a come back

Top order and Sachin’s Form, Tendulkar's poor batting form is a very good target for his skeptics, who ridiculously feel he is given too much attention while there are other cricketers with similar batting capacitiesm are ignored. For me this is ludicrous, Sachin is the mordern days cricketing legend , for this achievement alone he is beyond compare. Period. He has not played for about two months, and he has failed in both the innings. I feel he has to start scoring at least to shut the skeptics down, Sachin factor is very important to the Indian team. I feel without him around, Indian team performance will be much worse.

Apart from Sachin, Dravid’s form, I consider Dravid to be another best bat who needs to be present and play well for India to succeed. I feel it is time for both of them to pickup and get going

VVS, I don’t know why he is given so many chances?, the way he got out in both the innings he should be made to carry drinks without pay until next season.

[to be continued...]