Game Day Sunday!...

After watching red-eyed cricket for 4 nights, I was all set to watch the final days play, but the news is the match ends in a Draw. Everything was set for a memorable test match result, but the game got rained out. Umpires after inspection, ruled out no further play was possible, ground conditions were totally wet and was not suitable for play. The match was officially called off; the books would call it “No result”.

However, the test outcome produced few minor memorable moments, one major moment for the Chennai crowd. Centuries from Sehwag’s and Demean Martin, precision spin bowling of Kumble and Harbajan and the Shane Warne’s world record, over all 4 days of observing cricket.

Presentation was short and quick, Aussie skipper Gill Christ gave credits to the India Team for bouncing back and he mentioned that both the teams are equal on their potential, and the last days plays was a 50:50 chance. Our skipper, Gangully also repeated similar lines and was all set to move on to the next game. Gangully also joked about winning the toss sooner or later. Kumble was awarded the man of the match [it had some other crazy title for this series] for Rs 35,000, and a 125cc motorbike.

Oh! did forgot to mention the major outcome of the Chennai Test, "it was the Rain". Chennai people got the much needed rain.., this made me not to worry about my $131.00, there is always another game, I know how hard it is today in Chennai to get drinking water. Hope it rains more through Deepavali.

On other games, NFL: Sunday night, Vikings offense was totally ruthless , Pepper and Co managed to score points without Randy moss, a good sign to have more trusted receivers. However before injury, Randy moss's second TD catch was totally awesome. He had a great presence of mind to land both his feet before going out of balance. Vikes won!, Steelers pinned down the Cow-Boys, sweet, all teams that I have soft corner for won yesterday, I am sure India would have won!