Game Day, Third Test, The final nail

the Aussies trash the Indians at Nagpur

“They are all set to win the game by tomorrow evening”. This was my “great” prediction!, a prediction similar to “it is going to snow in Minneapolis this winter”, Australia wins a cricket series in India, last time they did this when I was one year old, or 2 years before Matt Hayden was born. The dreaming Indian team gave up the match without much fight. Aussies injected the lethal dose slowly and steadily and won the game with pride.

Coming to Indian reply for the 500+ runs, Sehwag played quite well but it was a patience game he lost. Kaif and Zaheer khan salvaged some pride, Poor Patel, apart from his poor keeping form; he suffered another bad decision from the Pakistani umpire.

The top (of the line) batsmen in our team, Dravid, VVS and Sachin did not do much. Sachin coming back from a long injury break, played a cut short in the air was caught; Dravid was bowled while VVS once again played a reckless hook shot and was caught in the deep. It looked as though they have given up the game without even trying. Chopra simply could not play.

Aussies declared just 15 minutes before lunch, timed it perfectly to bowl one over and humiliate the weak Indian batting. But on the counter the openers survived the first over, while the insulting remarks from commentary box went waste.

During Innings break, Sanjay Manju was all smiling and told 500+ is too high and there is no chance for India to score. True, however his sarcasm in general denoted more bad taste rather than practical commentary.

After the victory, Slater went over board and tainted this as well planned assault which started right from the first ball in Banglore, he mentioned Aussies dominated the Indian from the word go in this series, forgetting there was test played in Chennai, where the Indians had every possibility to win.
Current situation is such that we need to digest this and more in days to come from Aussies press box (and the free “Alley Sonata” [sandhula sindhu] from Barry Richards].

Indian public witnessed an emotionally affected captain, Gill Christ, he was almost crying during the interview with Dean Jones. I felt like watching the Grammy’s. I thank god, my producer…etc etc [and later get caught in DUI].
Dravid walked in to talk to the “Sarcastic” Sanjay, but cleverly dealt his questions. We were outplayed and we have no excuse to offer. Simple! When asked about change in team selection, Dravid told nothing big would change until the top order bats for its full potential. Two or three changes in the team will not bring any drastic climate changes. Sanjay then pulled a faster one, he asked about dumping of the captaincy on him at the last minute and enquired about Gangully’s return, for which Dravid replied “you need to check with the “Physio” quickly walked away.

Martin was given a 120cc bike, the man of the match award, where the back and front wheel will shared by the umpires, while Martin gets to take the rest to Australia with him.

In general Aussie press will boast about their team for everything, with a valid reason now, their heads would automatically increase by 20,000 tons. It took them about 35 years to win a rubber on the Indian soil. Yes, they have every right be happy and proud, and as an Indian cricket supporter, I have every right to be behind my team for keeping the Aussies in the control for last 35 years.

Finally, after my spirited “ifs or “buts” the point here is Aussies have beaten our Sahara, or BCCI or the Indian cricket team hands down, we sucked badly through out the game for which we don’t deserve to win, my hearty Congratulations to the Aussies.

Next test, Mumbai here we come.