Game Day, Third Test,

Indians and the Aussies, Nagpur

I reported in my Blog that Gangully was walking gingerly during 1st test, he some how recouped and played in Chennai test, however here in Nagpur, he failed the fitness and was left out. Few web reports have started to speculate this as he dropped himself out because of too much grass is on the field and similar yada yadas are starting to appear. Come on! Please give us a break, Gangully is known for his spirit, he will never buckle for this small grass issue. Also, his position is in real jeopardy, do you think he will let Dravid take over. Don’t speculate for the heck of it and portray Gangully as a coward.

Good news for many, Sachin is back in action, he seemed fully fit and energetic and was seen running around the field, totally involved in the game. Aussie star batsmen Deano Jones in the commentary mentioned that ticket sales have doubled and was sold out after Sachin’s selection, for which Sanjay Manjrekar , the EX-Indian-cymbal [Jalra] for Sachin said most seats are empty and speculated that to be fallacy , then Deano replied it is an mid working day, people would show up soon. I really wonder why Sanjay Manju hates Sachin so much in general.

Alright, Let us get to the cricket. At close Aussies were 362/7, the day was filled with good batting by Damien Martin scored 104, while LehMann supported him.

The highlight of the day was Wicket keeping, if you had draw an imaginary goal post behind Patel, goals score today by the bowler would be 10000 at least. Patel never seemed to gather the ball comfortably; at times he was looking the batsmen while clearly missing the line of the ball. His legs never moved, at one point bowlers decided to directly bowl into his gloves, anything 1 feet away from him was let go for byes.

For once he did a clever stumping to take out Shane Warne it was quick, however he missed many , that includes a vital stumping and a catch for Clarke. People, it is high time to drop him from the team. BCCI is only organization in the world which has incompetence as part of their job description.

Available post:Wicket Keeper,
Join date: At once,
Pay: a Lot .
Job description: Wicketkeeper
Responsibility: None.

The “must” list:
Carry Helmet for Short legs and Forward short leg, Need to appeal in Excess, Give one line encouragement words in various languages, show a baby face and talk to the batsmen. Help and support board member from time to time.
These are the tasks which employees are expected to perform to the full satisfaction of their superiors. Failing to do this will affect your job and will be fired.

The optional Tasks: Occasionally from time to time, Employee might try to Collect balls, stop byes, execute stumping, and take Catches. However, these are * NOT * enforced task. Failing to do these tasks will not actually “NEVER“ affect your job or position and will not be considered for your performance appraisal, Board has the right to reject and select and fire you regardless of anything.

The “Ag[ony]arkar” Factor: He sucked in the past, sucking right royally now and will suck forever, from yesterday, people, I have started to think Indian team has only 1o players. I wish my career as forgiving as Agarkars. Wow!. one more great example of incompetence being part of the job description.

Anil Kumble was back to his original form. If you know what I mean, Indians miss Irfan and Balaji. Few Good men today: Kartick for this bowling and Dravid for his prudent captaincy.

Tommorrow! India would bat; let us hope for the best.

Ps: For more on batting and score, you can read some web pages that cover sessions.