Game Day, Day 2, India vs the "World Champs"

Yesterday I subscribed for the India and Australia series via Dish Network, this includes India and SA and 1 one day match between India and Pakistan. I paid 139.99 and $1.00 ordering fee.

Here we go, Aussies started the batting where they left on the previous day. Gangully opening with his speedsters in spite of the pitch report showing some cracks, I am not talking about Sanjay manju, I am talking about real cracks on the pitch, which in general supports spinners. However Gangully’s astrologer has devised another game plan for him, hence our “Gang” leader chose the celestial plan given to him by Pandit “some” ananda.

Zeezee khan was totally in effective, Pathan tried something along with him but nothing worked. Aussies were piling runs. Michel Clarke and Gill Christ played easily and tackled the lack luster Indian bowling attack. Indian player’s body language suggested that they had given up, and waited for the Aussies to make mistakes. Gangully fielding was so non-imaginative, why you have 2 gullies when ball not bounce above the shoe lace?!. I request BCCI to train Gangully’s “Josiyar” in MRF pace foundation.

After some “bush” whacking [ I changed to late night shows for a while], I came back to cricket when Kumble was given the ball, whew finally., The funny part here is the expert Leg spinner in the commentary lineup L.Siva, suggested the pitch had few rough spots that would help off spinner and there is nothing big for the leg spinners to happen. SivaSiva, Gangully must have heard it and promptly sent Harbajan on a walking trip to near by Kappan park. The spot was clearly visible as spots shows in ujalla commercial.
For Kumble, Gangully placed a defensive field usually seen in draw-aimed match plan. But Kumble was also whacked right royally by the Aussie pair, this really gave high hopes for India, Hey! Do not jump to conclusions; What I meant was few more matches like this, Kumble can be forced to retire, his bowling performance today gave hopes to other good spinners in the 1 billion (minus one) population. Bottom Line, he sucked right royally that too on track that helps spinners.

Kumble trapped Clark plumb, but umpire B(e) illy [Dancer] Bowden after a “kathakali” performance missed the definition LBW and asked Clarke to continue his great game. Our home grown walking valium Sanjay Manju in the commentating team was literarily in tears on this decision. He then questioned Mr.Bowdens rating of being the best umpire in the world citing another plumb LBW for Sachin in the Asia Cup he missed.
After this, runs were flowing, score was increasing, but be ready the Michel Clarke reality show is about to begin, he was in the so called nervous 90’s, or Indian team calls it “relief is on the way”, at least after the 100 he would get out by himself. Slater’s commentary and camera work gave the reality show a fresh look; in this well scripted show, Michel Clarke was portrayed as though he was the only century maker in the entire universe on debut. DD or Prashar Bharathi or Vivith Bharathi provided good screen play support by showing Clarke’s amma, appa, apamma, apappa, ammma , ammmapa and every other member of this family who had joined the touring party, it is a proud occasion for their parents no doubt, but DD coverage made it like a bore occasion. After he scored the century he was busy kissing anything he saw, his cap, his hand, his bat, his bat grip, his gloves, the ground, his boot, [and the umpire for missing the Lbw], seeing such a kiss-spree-reaction from Clarke, Gill Christ did not remove his helmet. Clark was 100/1.

Gill Christ simply Rocked!, his chords progressions oops sorry, his score progression was 6 4 4 6 every over, he along with Clarke dispatched India best bowler [as per the rediff article] Anil Kumble to all the parts ground.

I went to sleep after this. Not worth watching, this morning,
I did watch Indian batting quickly, I have recorded this agony
I saw India was 150/6 , WALLter Vetrivel" cooked a duck!. Shewag had some runs that will retain him for next 20 years. Will watch the rest this evening.
To conclude: The pitch will have lots of crack and pot [holes] on the 3rd day, I am sure Shane Warne will be very happy to see the crack and pot [holes], If you know what I mean. ;)