Duh, politics is same where ever you are.

My Good friend Arun [If you are tamil blogger please note it, will be usefull] sent me this link, http://www.blogd.com when I read it, it sounded very funny to me, will sound ridiculous to the republicans, and will serve as a very good point for a democrat to munch about.

The issue is: “Was President Bush wired during the debate?! “ Here is what the report says “A technical expert who designs and makes such devices for the U.S. military tells Salon that he believes "the bulge" is indeed a transceiver designed to receive electronic signals and transmit them to a hidden earpiece lodged in Bush's ear canal”

Kind of funny to me, there were about 2, 00,000+ cameras, 400000 media experts along with the so called “fair and balanced” crew watching both the men talk about their own polices for the people.

How can such a media presence miss this? Also President Bush clearly knows the consequences of such acts. If he does so it will be ship load of substance for Democrats to talk about for rest of their life.

So what is next from the Republicans? Sen. Kerry used an Electronic voice for which he lip-synced. He used a device often used in Hollywood movies. A technical expert who designs and makes such devices for Jollywood films, tells to the “Fair and balanced news” that he believes Kerry's voice was a synthetic voice, generated from a Remote PC, Kerry did well to sync his voice, in fact that made Britney Spears jealous. He also noted that CA governor Arnold S...has been using this for ages.

Some ideas for both the parties
1. President used a "bit" sheet tucked inside his coat.
2. Sen. Kerry used Ganga Guide to answer his questions.
3. President rigged the tele-prompter thanks to Fox news.
4. Sen. Kerry got information on Morse code in this cell phone's vibrator.
5. Questions were sold on eBay, Both the candidate got them.

Duh, politics is same where ever you are.