Simply Ridiculous, Sehwag fined 60% match fees.

“Simply Ridiculous”
Viru Sehwag fined 60% of his match fees, What is supposed to be dissent? Has anyone seen the stare McGrath and Gillespie gives at the umpire -- I call it, “what the hell you are thinking?” look for every other appeal turn down, don’t you think this to be decent?, The Batsmen just gets one chance and thanks! even that is doomed by umpiring errors.

Sehwag had clearly edged the ball, I saw it on my TV without reply. It was quite clear. I am wondering “Belly Dancer” Bowden must have been planning on how to signal a bouncer warning, the only umpire sign that he has not devised a dancing scheme.
Is it right for an umpire to perform tantrums on the field? Why ICC is not asking him, some say it is nice to watch and looks funny! Oh! Ya! .So if a player does such acts why is he penalized?, here is joke : ICC boasts that umpires are equal to judges in a court.

Sehwag’s career is in line here. His cricketing life for next few years is on stake, He has to score no other choice, so I feel it is natural reaction from a player to tell the umpire what happened. Though hypothetical to the core, it is possible, who knows he could have scored for us to win the game. Never know.

I am wondering how Mr.Bowden can miss such an easy decision, he had already let go Michel Clarke in the first innings. One mistake already for the game, How can he miss this? How he is going to be penalized for his poor umpiring error? ,
If Bowden had not made such a glaring mistake, Sehwag would not have reacted. I think Bowden needs to share this with Sehwag.

Some say we have the reply on our side and umpires don’t have them etc, this is not acceptable to me, hey, this guy is standing 25 yards from the batsmen, and he has no other job other than watch the ball and the batsmen? IF YOU CANNOT SEE FROM THIS DISTANCE, YOU CANNOT SEE FROM ANY DISTANCE. JUST GO AND CHECK YOU EYES AND COME BACK.

I am sure Bowden and Sehwag are cool guys!, They must have settled this by now. You got to move on, agreed. But ICC for its part has been always rude with Indian players; ICC needs to remember that their first class air fare is paid by Indian audience. Aussies were let go easily in the past, Ranjan madugalle is totally a biased guy. Period.
Our own BCCI does not care; they are busying fighting in court, which decides their head. ICC and BCCI, please "LEARN" how to organize and be organized from NFL. That’s all I can say.

PS: No-Moon [aka AmavAsai] day is showing up in my [MMI] moon-mood image, so I have the right to remain cranky!....for next several days. [and so on...]