Congratulations Senator Kerry. You are a gentleman.

Senator Kerry gave his speech about ½ hour ago; I was watching it on MSNBC, thanks to a late lunch break. It was very nice speech that respects his opponents and of all, he respected the country he lives in and its people and their values.

Just for a second I recollected how we are treated by our beloved party after an election loss in Tamil Nadu, most of us have free titles like “Goat pack” [Atu manthai] to what not.

Here the scene was totally different, it was saner and cultured. Here is a guy who spent about 200 millions on the campaign, losses a close election but he kept his cool and respected everyone in his speech. He gave President Bush the due respect.

Congratulations Senator Kerry. You are a gentleman.

The main task for Democrats now is to give a clear vision of their principles and values [if any]. I feel it is not reaching the common man properly, if you see except the east and west coast, rest of the country comes under GOP!.
And President Bush is ready for his second term!, Stocks markets in India did well after this news.