Late Movie Review - Concludes.

I did not have the time and patience to write about the next half of the movie yesterday. Train was too crowded, but today being the day to thank the Gods, train was empty and I managed to create my Blog doodles during my 1 hour MARC [Maximum Agony for Rail Commuters] train journey. Here we go again.
For continuity sake [like Tamil serials] I have 2 lines from earlier part: So! Nazer goes to jail.

But Nazer’s party wins the election!, however Nazer is put in Jail. Ada Rama who will then be the Chief Minister? Fear not there is a formulae from Bihar.
Nazer distributes the “LoLlu” prasadam to his newly elected MLAs, decides to make his wife [Urvasi] as the chief minister. The home Chef ministry takes over the state ministry. -- Chef and Chief - The letter “i” is Nazer, who runs the show.

Urvasi , very innocent Tamil village girl with strong Malayalam accent goes to the governor to submit the letters from other MLAs and he appoints her to head the great Tamil Nadu. How Nazer was able to do all this from a jail? No big deal, a stereotyped bad jailer helps him and kills people at his will.

Nazer gets the Power! , it is Revenge time now Captain is framed for match fixing , he is arrested and put in the jail, his family is also taken for a ride.

Just to counter Nazer the movies now takes a 360 turn. Captain gets very very angry [Finally] and resigns his job [Duh]. The innocent marionette Urvasi goes to the governor and submits resignation for a lame reason [Even “Chinna Tambi” would give a better reason]

In the next 2000 feet [of film] he starts to contradict all the 5 points that he prescribed in reel number one. Election again in Tamil Nadu, but Captain an responsible IAS officer asks people to boycott the election! In about 2 hours we have 2 elections already I could not take it anymore. By now the motivation to watch the movie further had evaporated. I thought it is time to close the DVD else my DVD player, a gadget that can be termed as “entha kuppaiyum thAngum idhayam” was ready to burst into flames. To cool down my agitated DVD player,the stop button came handy.

As far as Tamil movie producers are concerned I really do not know how they would invest in such “craptacular” ideas. For the script they had, they could have done the entire movie using Microsoft Power Point slides still nothing much would change.