Happy Deepavali

Please check a nice article by Arun in his Blog. Yes! Deepavali is one such great festival every NRI misses. I have been missing it for about 9 years now; I made this poor choice to miss such a great festival. Adding to the it, for the past 9 years I was forced to go to work, but this time I have decided stay at home and celebrate Deepavali , except for the fireworks I think the look and feel of the festival is same here. Any special reasons, yes read futher.

RMKV Chennai to Inkberry Circle, Every one who watches Sun TV would know Cinderella “pattup-pavAdai”. My Daughter [going to pre-school] watches this advertisement at least once a day, like every other girl of her age naturally inclined to colorful Indian outfits at once wanted this lovely “pattup-pavAdai”, Added to the effect, The TV advertisement shows her favorite color, Purple, hence no appeal, she wanted it right away [So you see now why I hate Sun TV ads?] She asked me if could get this, however knowing it is hard to get it here, I said let me think about this and closed the issue.

She soon realized sitting here in DC her dad or mom would not get it done, hence Plan B, she called her grand parents in Chennai, and clearly gave her requirements with flow charts and a relational data model. The grand parents waiting for such an occasion to pamper their grand daughter, went to RMKV at once and ordered the mind blowing Cinderella “pattup-pavAdai Surprise!, they were put on a 21 day waiting list. They waited for a week, unable to withstand the pressure from DC, my father-in-law had to use his influence to get it done, it worked and we got it via DHL, when it comes to festival apparels Chennai Rocks!, and when it comes to pampering kids our parents rock, and when it comes to pestering parents , our kids rock!. Thanks to my In-laws for taking time to send this across.

Being in a new house this year, we went ahead and got us some new cloths, other than the fireworks this Deepavali we have everything covered,
1: New cloths
2. Goodies to munch: Jayashree has done tons of goodies to eat, that includes “Kaju Cake”, ThenKuzal and many more surprises.
3. Sun TV and KTV will be pampering us with special programs and loads of advertisements, think like this, Sun Tv is like a mother in law whom you cannot miss while KTV is her Twin Sister that we need to take care of, We get to deal with double power. Tons of cine and music based programs are in cards.
4. Though I am taking off, most Offices in DC are closed for Veterans Day. Good Deal.

There is one more special for Deepavali from Dhool.com . Raja Govindarajan and Balaji good friends of mine, have interviewed the legend SPB for this occasion, Balaji has already published transcript of the interview in Dhool.com. They will be getting out the Audio version of this interview. I had the great pleasure of recording and editing this interview in my studio; so take some time to check it out. For a change I will not be releasing a new song, been tied to my office for quite some time now.

Wish you all a very happy, colourful and safe Deepavali