The major news of the weekend was the arrest of Kanchi Shankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi, though I find it to be totally ridiculous I don’t like to comment much about it. Religion is something personal, I will keep to myself. Law will take its course; If found guilty he should be punished; Period. For the best I prefer CBI to take this case instead of local police.

However I was totally annoyed by Sun TV coverage of the incident. The police and law enforcement were trashed by the same TV during the “KolRan KolRan” stage drama but now they blow a different tune to put the law enforcement on a pedestal and pat them with kudos. Agreed someone guilty needs to be punished, I have no second thoughts in this regards, but Sun TV rather than calling him an accused simply branded him as a criminal right away. Come on! This is a highly sentimental and mind boggling issue to the Hindus around the world. Please respect those sentiments. There is no soul question these atrocities done by the Sun TV crew. This clearly shows the sneakiness, slyness of Sun TV and its owners. I simply stopped watching Sun TV news for good.

Gangully punished again by the match referee for slow over rate. Ridiculous!
It is high time for the ICC to get something like a SHOT CLOCK in NBA or NFL, 40 seconds per ball. If not it becomes a no ball, THE penalty is the batsmen gets to know about the no ball before it is being bowled. Why penalize the captain for everything. Mr. Clive Lloyd failed to consider the due factor, injury factor and other local conditions. Anyways we are Indians, even though we generate 60% of the revenue for this game we will be insulted and we have the right to remain silent.
Thanks to Jagmohan Dalmia and Co.

Alright another work week begins!