Ponting spills the Whine.

Ricky Ponting wants an enquiry on the Mumbai Pitch. He has called for Rahul Dravid to join him in his quest. Ridiculous!

Rewind a little, India in New Zealand 2002-2003, Indians faced similar situation. Every pitch in New Zealand were worse than the Bombay wicket. Gangully complained, for which the Aussie and the New Zealand press, mocked him for making comments on the pitch. They abused India to be Land of Local Heroes. Clever statements like “a good team has to play under any condition” were offered. Black Caps were given golden crowns. While Men in Blue were given needle and thorns, they were ridiculed for their poor show.

Today, Ricky Ponting and his men failed badly with their bat and they want to file an FIR on this pitch. At least in Gangully’s case, every pitch they played had uneven bounce and was totally unpredictable.

But today Ponting whines and where is the so called Aussie press? people, what shall we call this whining? Murali Karthick rightly put it, there is nothing called perfect test match wicket.

Unexpected rains on the first day, pitch started to favor more for the bowlers, both the teams played under the same condition. I think Ponting is going over board with his comments.

Another point to note here is Aussies batsman played reckless strokes to get out. For example Clarke and Gill Christ were out to a poor shot selection. The aggressive game plan of Aussies failed to work; I would try to learn from this rather than blaming the pitch. Playing in these kinds of pitch is also a feather in the cap. Indians played well; Sachin and VVS took away the game from Aussies. After all Aussies had to score 104 runs to win, they crumbled badly.

Mr.Ponting keep moving and stop whining. As far as Mumbai test is concerned, YOU LOST IT MATE, accept it.