Late Movie Review

Thenavan , Yes! Yesterday I saw this “craptacular” movie staring the revolutionary Artist and a bumble bee cartoon as his co-star. The movie starts as usual with sounds going around all the 6.1 DTS channels, music and noise courtesy Yuvan Shanker Raja,like the talented Ajith Agarkar [wink wink] he gets another chance to prove his skill. Seeing the movie slogan, I tried one too, “Only if the pot [sati] has some food it can come to the XXL size spoon [karandi]”, the movie slogan was, “Man who tried to change the history” I really do not know what the heck they meant.

Anyways, Captain Kanth is introduced as a sincere IAS officer who cannot stand, sit or roll over corruption. The Prime Minster selects him for the post the chief election commissioner. , Captain accepts the job and creates a flutter in the media. He gives a 5 point program which will change the democratic process of the country. First 5 minutes of the movie was interesting as all of us including the media were waiting for the 5 point program, with loud drum grooves and slow motion shots, Captain lists them one after another.

1. a person cannot file nomination more than 1 constituency , the press rightly says it is anti democratic for such a notion, however Captain loudly say “No to it”

2. Every one has to vote else their ration card will be seized, power supply will be denied etc.

3. Some more things.

4. A Candidate should not have criminal background.

5. Recall power to the people,

Oh!, I assumed that this will go well, thinking that he will implement all this rules, but the Nazer the chief minister of Tamil nadu goes to Delhi and makes sure this law is never passed.

After struggling with 40 pages of fire filled Dialogues in the earlier scene, the so called Prime Minister nullifies Captains claims and gives him some more advice to keep cool. Ada cha I felt like entire 10,000 wala going for an all round”Busssssssssssssss”.

For a change a technical marvel in this movie, Captain’s co-star heroine is a cartoon, dressed with rich Indian attire; it comes and goes at regular intervals to sing rhymes composed by YSR.

I never bothered to check the songs out. However I spotted ready made Triton, Yamaha Arpeggios, beat patterns, but decided to close all my openings, why should the world know it, if I say it loud and clear I was afraid that my friends would not hesitate to brand me as “film show” expert. So I decided to skip the songs, also Kiran’s [Cartoon’s name it seems] dance gave an automatic XX rating to the movie. I prefer a XXX.

Ok, now the movie changes course, Captain after taunting about changes in the election process ends up with nothing, just burns couple of flower pots [bussvAnam]. Nazer takes over. He screams at the poll predictions, in the pre election polls he was doing worse than the Washington Red Skins. Only way to boost his ratings is to appear on the Sun TV or to get sympathy vote. He chooses the later to avoid “musudu kanna musudu. He takes a drastic step to blow up his own meeting, he does with a help of his party guy who happens to be a musalman. But!...Captain and his team were lurking around with single video camera, with the help of the 3rd umpire and some great replay angles better than Fox NFL Sunday , Captain finds the plot, stops the election counting at once.

Nazer goes to the Court; at this point I also felt that I should do the same. I wanted to take the producer to the court for making me watch this tantalizing crap in 16:4 enhanced DVD. , [before someone passes a nAtAmai decision to proclaim that words such as tantalizing, producer, me, passes , enhanced were added for “Petering”, let me confess they were added not to enhance the so called Petering effect, I just learnt to spell these words, that is the only reason I added them here.]

Captain in the court proves his point by asking the Muslim brother to take an oath on his holy book, he refuses. As per law of the country, he could have denied it and told he is being coerced on religious sentiments, but this is a Tamil movie, with a 1 page screen play[Those 5 points], they have also purchased blank films rolls for 200,000 feet, see! it cannot go waste, So! Nazer goes to jail.

[Interval…, to be continued]