First things first

First things first, the New England Patriots were finally beaten. The Rookie quarter back Ben Roethlisberger [a name that invites typo] and the Pittsburgh Steelers ended the NFL-record 21-game winning streak of the New England Patriots with a 34-20 victory. I was one among very few who predicted this to happen. I also predicted Green Bay would beat the Red Skins. Yes! Green Bay won. Today I am rich by $45

I thought about continuing more on the finger pointing story, however, it is not worth it, let me keep it short, Contrary to what Dravid mentioned during the presentation, Selectors have picked 4 new players for the Mumbai test, which includes the wicket keeper - Dinesh Karthick, hopefully at least this time the Indian think tank will find the exit door for Patel. Let us wait and watch the improvement it is going to make. How many were included as camouflage to the people and the press? Time shall tell.

Agarkar, a player who has the worst performance records under any condition some how finds a place in this team. How and Why?, few speculate it on Sachin, yes Agarkar was recommended by Sachin, but it ends there, I say this because, for example Sachin was pushing for Munaf Patel , till date selectors have ignored him, so the problem is else where.

My point is it is high time to send Agarkar home, with a grade 12 pension. Indian team can live without his services and further his “deletion” will put an end to the mockery for other all-rounders, most Indian commentators blindly calls him a talented all rounder. In my opinion it is a [bad] joke. Indian team really misses Balaji and Irfan. These two will team up well with the new ball.

Mumbai Test starts on 3rd November, Election night here, so I may have to switch between the game and the Election mela on Cnn,CBS(C), State Board, Fox, Dox,Box,PBS, RSS,XML,MSNBC, CNBC, Dont-see-NBC etc, where you will be exposed to various activties like

a) Election predictions via real time Graphs, Analytical Geomentry lessons, rapid fire talk shows.

b) Interviews from every other T,D & H, just for the reason they could spell
Electoral College or Democrats or Republicans without a spell checker,

c) Every other possible way to capture the occasion learnt from Sun TV.

All the best for your eyes, ears and the poor Televeejon.

I would not be surprised if John Kerry sings "Firstu kanna first...!".