Game Day, Final Test, 1st day

Indians versus the Aussies, Mumbai, Nov 3rd 2004.

Off season Rain delayed the game start, finally India started to bat, Mumbai crowd were patiently watching the game with umbrellas [Kodai] while Indians provided the Aussies with 2 big “nanggodai”, India lost 2 quick wickets as usual we were are 22/2, Sehwag was dropped earlier but made sure he got out quickly, while new debutant Gautam Gambeer was out LBW, Indian openers were once again too cautious , “I see Gavasker people” .

Sachin and Dravid were batting really dull. Sachin survived a close LBW call, Bad light made umpire miss the decision. Soon, Umpires offered bad light to the batsmen and saved time for people to leave the ground before the Mumbai office crowd.
Indian team has 3 spinners and a pace bowler, which means Sachin, will be opening the bowling for India. Shane Warne broke his finger; hence Nagpur test would be last test in India. He would be 39 by next tour, retirement age for modern day cricketer except Anil Kumble who will be coming back and back and back until his teeth fall down naturally. That’s it for cricket

I was watching the election mela on CNN and Fox. All the exit polls and prediction including mine went wrong. President Bush wins the popular vote and he is all set for a come back, he will be declared re-elected very soon.

Michel Moore, his fans and other special interest groups should understand that 60% of US population simply don’t trust the media for their decision. For Democrats, it is time to think over their loss, find some logical reasons and soul searching for their failure.

Though too early now, I am more worried about the next election; there is no Republican today as popular as President G.W. Bush. Who will succeed him? this will be the major issue for Republicans in days to come; Assuming Vice president Cheney might, there are republicans who will not vote for him, so unpopular among many in the country, Republicans need to plan and build a good image of someone in their party before Hilary.R.Clinton takes over the next presidency, if she runs for the next election she will win.

Unless some drastic change in numbers occurs in Ohio nothing would change.
“Oh (io) podu” for GW Bush - 4 more Years!...4 more Years!...