Game Day, Whew! The Boring First Test! is over.

India vs South Africa, Kanpur

Thanks god Test Cricket is for only 5 days and not more. The game ends in a draw, the customary joke of the match award was announced. Andrew Hall was man [turtle] of the match. By the way he was given a new “color” TV, thanks to the commentating guru and messiah of Indian cricket Mouse-Raker who proudly announced this gift.
Why awards and presentations for a no result game?, national waste.

If at all there was some action during this desiccated game of cricket, I could only quote two events and not more, 1st Sehwag’s powerful knock, he really played a ruthless game and hit South African bowlers to every corner of the ground. The 2nd one was the black kite that flew over the stadium at regular intervals, creating some flutter in the crowd, Other than these incidents it was mere dull lack luster game of Test cricket. Hopefully aiming for more TVs, South Africans should not continue their slow turtle swim in Kolkata.

We need to remember that 20% of the game was lost due to bad light. Knowing about the winter and fog why should we schedule a game in these parts of the country? or may be it is high time for the BCCI working or non–working committee to appoint a geography coach.

Shriman Gangu Dada was called upon and messiah of Indian cricket asked him about the home town game, poor Dadaji no knowing about this own fate of playing that game, played his formal recorded message and lip synced to it. The turtle awards ceremony thus came to an end.

Now Turtles are marching towards the town where almost everyone is either a communist or a cricket maniac. Either way, if Smith and Co plays the game in the same dull mode, they will be booed by 100,000+1 well brewed cricketing nuts watching it. At times the Kolkota crowd usses different methods to relieve their ennui,
So Smith and Co! please change your methods.

Finally, the fact is I am a well brewed cricketing nut case, but today I have to admit that I did not have the slightest inclination to watch this game. I feel South African cricket is one of the most boring show on earth, coupled with tailored slow Indian bowling, this test match took test cricket into a new level of boredom. But help is on the way, yes! just one more game the turtle race will be over.

PS :USA is closed for the long weekend, Thanks giving weekend. About 8 years ago my wife and I left our home land India; today many things have changed in our life. We are proud parents of a lovely little girl Sriya. We still remember the day we left Chennai; we landed on a cold winter night in Minneapolis where about 20 inches of snow was already on ground. we took life as it came to us. We are thankful to God, our India, our parents, our friends and well wishers, and finally this great country USA. Whew! I am Unable to believe that I am older by 8 years now!. Wish you all a happy thanks giving.