Kyoto Treaty

This took effect yesterday. What is this? In order to prevent global warming Nations of the world have agreed to reduce their green house gas emissions. What are green house gases? Emissions [from Industries or Automobiles etc.] of Carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide,hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons and sulphurhexfluoride.

Experts believe that increase in global temperatures will melt the ice caps, this will increase the sea level, which in turn will affect the weather conditions, that will affect agriculture , public health etc.

What it is called “Kyoto”, this treaty was drawn up in 1997 in Koyto Japan. This commits industrialized nations to reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, principally Carbon Dioxide to 5.2% below their 1990 levels over the next decade. This was an ongoing process for more than 7 years. In today’s fast growing and moving world, the initial version of this treaty was very tough to maintain hence in 2002, a scale down version was drawn in Bonn Germany. Main target of this treaty was to reduce or limit emissions in 35 industrialized countries, including India and China.

USA back out out this in 2001, The Bush administration says the treaty would hurt the US economy. It also says this will be ineffective and it is discriminatory because large, rapidly industrializing countries escape the limits. Bush Government did not accept the special treatment for India and China. What is the special treatment? India and China are rapidly developing countries with huge population and size, hence they were given extra time to implement these environment changes.

There was no reason for US to equate itself with India here, however they did it and they are out of this treaty. Seeing US withdraw, Russia now plays a major role. Actually I see this to be a missed opportunity for the US, going into this deal will actually enhance their economy. How? Simply US could have sold lot of technology concerning green house gas reduction to developing nations like India and China; they could recover some salvage on their mammoth size trade deficit with China especially. Russia is going to gain a lot in getting technology to India and China.
The US is now on the side line, [with Australia carrying drinks, yes they also walked out with them.] watching this treaty and its implementation.

I really don’t know if this treaty would reduce global warming or not, also I really don’t care about ice melting in North Pole. It is Santa’s problem; however I am concerned about pollution in my home country that needs to be controlled. Hope this treaty sets India onto the right path towards clean environment.

US government now has plans to have their own standards maintaining the green house gases levels. However it is for the states within the country to deal this issue.

On US government in-house green house plan, I hope their plan covers Mexican foods, which is a major contributor to green house gases, at least in public transport systems of this country.