The Ground hog Day and the Claptometer Part 1

Today is ground hog Day. What is its significance? Feb 2nd, Ground hogs [small rodent looking animals] are supposed to come out their burrows after waking up from their hibernation. When they come out, farmers in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania predict spring arrival time based on their shadow and other technicalities. Today they gave their long prognosis, they predicted the spring arrival time. ETA [expected time of arrival] six weeks. .It is going to be cold for 6 more weeks.

But, I have never seen a ground hog walking out by itself from its burrow.Ok, I agree it is a small fun filled activity in the name tradition, but has anyone checked it with the poor ground hog? Has his hibernation really ended? Poor fellow is often seen being pulled out from his natural sleep. He would blink in front of a huge crowd and wired looking men busy checking his bottom. Will humans let any one do this to them? Assume, a huge group of people standing outside your house screaming, another group of five with cylindrical hats pull you out of your bed on cold wintry morning and check something that you have no clue about? , how many of us will take or face such treament?.

The west makes fun of rituals in developing world, however west also seem to have handful of ridicules ceremonies in the name of tradition. NBC Today show carried this event live, Katie Couric was amazed by this while Matt Lauer was seen banging his head on a near by table.

Today President Bush will be delivering his State of the Union address. All the TV stations, Radio Stations, Railway stations and Gas stations will be carrying it live. Streets around Capitol hill Washington DC will be closed.