My Bloglogue

Yesterday Aishwariya Rai was on David Letterman show. Letterman gave a good introduction on her and Bollywood; he also pulled his usual sarcastic faster ones. However she handled it all very well and at one point of time when letterman asked how she came to this movie world etc, she answered him very well and went on to ask him very casually how in the first place he came to this job? I was surprised when she mentioned that her Hindi senior films stars do not like the word “Bollywood”. Aish can talk 4 languages apart from English. This four includes [broken] Tamil. She has no plans to move to Hollywood.

A good evening and a pride moment to see her on Letterman show. Many might think what the big deal is, frankly – it is an indication, it an indication that Indians cannot be ignored anymore and Aish is just a start, world will be seeing many more top Indians from other fields that are in par with their western counter parts.

F16 Deal
India has sent a request to the US for procuring F16 fight plans. This was announced by our Air Force Chief S.K. Thayagi. However USA is not given any reply in this accord. India's air force Chief S.K. Tyagi told reporters that New Delhi is seeking to buy 125 fighter jets, had invited information from Lockheed Martin Corp. In the past India had relied on Russian fighters but is now seeking to diversify or may be for more stability. India had also sent a request for Northrop Grumman Corp's Hawkeye 2000 airborne early warning aircraft. Indian navy has already procured these aircraft. The United States is keen to improve its market share of India's defense equipment. This strategic relationship is aided by India's economic liberalization and a common cause in global war on terror.

Studio1234 News
I completed my next instrumental score, should be online in couple of days or latest by next week. This score was first written for my friend Balaji for his stage play. However during the period I fell sick and was not able to complete the score. Nevertheless I did complete this instrumental work. A set of proper chords progression for an Indian melody will be the highlight of the score. Watch out for this in my website in few days.

Some more news on my website, my site now has dedicated Tamil page. It is high time for me get into the Tamil Unicode stream, by this the message is clear, I am loyal to my mother tongue. However, as I have visitors who do not speak my language for their benefit my website would still continue to follow the dual language principles.:)

Today is the new year for every 4th guy born, meaning every 4th child in the world today is from China. I was kidding. Seriously, A very happy new year to all my Chinese friends and their families; It is the year of “Roaster” so another full of year of “kokarako Gumanggo”.