Guess What?

I happen to watch a movie on DVD, let me narrate you the story and see if you could guess the movie.

Once upon a time, there lived a “Dad” ZMD. Chakravarthy [Vijay Kumar] and a Mom Zmdrs Rani [Lakshmi ] Ps:Zmd=Zamindar Zmdrs = Zamindarainee

Both had a girl child [17 year old Pudhu mugam] she grew up as free girl who goes around the village, sings songs and plays with her friends.
However after the 1st reel, outside the village border, she meets a strong handsome guy; let us call him Sarath Kumar,he as 2 friends "Gowndamani and Senthil". They both get attracted and fall in love. Dont get me wrong. I meant Sarth Kumar and the new face. For next 2 reels, they go to many places; they dance, sing songs and make merry.

However as expected Vijay Kumar [Dad guy] spots them together. They are caught red handed. At once, he splits them up. He instructs his daughter to stay away from Sarath, Her mother warns that Sarath Kumar’s dad was actually her uncle [Pasupathy], a.,k.a her dad’s first cousin. He was the traitor in the family who wanted to acquire the wealth. He was banished by her grand father [Vinoo chakaravarthy] from the village for more than a generation now, she fails to believe the story, but following Movie, Tele serial tradition she obeys her father and his words with tears.

Pasupathy appears only in the flash back, he is done and gone, Sarath Kumar now has a mom [Vadivukkarasi], who is the widow of the bad guy - Pasupathi, she is a well qualified evil women waiting to settle accounts with Vijay Kumar. She smears about Vijay Kumar to Sarath and instructs him not to go to the other village.

After all this, Sarath Kumar and Pudhu mugam plans to run away from the village. But they are caught by Vijay Kumar again, new face pleads to her father; finally get the dads’ nod, ZMD. Vijay Kumar accepts Sarath Kumar as his son-in-law forgetting the past.

The wedding is planned, on the wedding day the evil women shows up with her army of “bottom line soldiers” [“அடி ஆள்”] and frames Sarath Kumar to be a spy. She cooks a story that Sarath was sent by her to takeout Vijay Kumar. But our Sarath is good guy, he denies this conspiracy theory, he fights against his moms bottom line soldiers and wins, finally after a full scale SuLLan level fighting among both the villages, the evil lady gets killed, she falls from a hill on to a running river.

Later the villagers joins hands and becomes friends once again; Sarath and new face get married and live happily ever after.

Can you guess this movie?
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