My Bloglogue - Feb 14th 2005

My cousin sent me a link to read, it was something very peculiar. Here is the info; a person has developed a type of paper and Ink that is made of edible materials, which means from now you can eat the cookies and its wrapper. The printer's cartridges are loaded with fruit and vegetable concoctions instead of ink, and the paper tray contains edible sheets of soybean and potato starch.

The inventor says this is will revolutionize the magazine advertisements. He says people can now sample the actual product advertised. In a pizza advertisement apart from cutting the coupons, you will now have the actual pizza sample for tasting. Just tear it - munch it – if you like it - then go order it.
Some might call it wonderful invention; however, I find it really bizarre. Usually I read the morning news paper during my breakfast however from now the newspaper itself will be my break fast. What next! A low carb News paper or a fat free Vanilla flavored Personal column? In my opinion Humans are slowly being converted to donkeys instead. Here is the link

The Sapthaswarngal on Suntv has introduced a new format; they now invite a full size band to prove their skill. Collage Bands now compete with their entire orchestra. The output is more of a coordinated team work. Being an instrumentalist myself, I would feel in secured at times when the vocalist gets the limelight. Frankly most background artists, at least whom I know take pain to play every chord with its proper inversions from the original composition. Many times no one cares to spots this effort. We are left to talk among ourselves about it.

I feel this format is very good and encouraging. Yesterday, the first team [HT] sang title theme from Hey Ram, they played the backgrounds very well, and Lead & backing vocals were also very good. The second team sang Tamiza Tamiza, backgrounds were done very well and backing vocals were good, however the vocalists let them down.

The first 15 minutes were taken by the judges Mr. Thomas, the hall of fame Trumpet exponent and Mr. Naveen one more hall of fame Flute Vidwan. These 2 wind experts have lent their breath to most film songs regardless of language for last 10 or more years.

They played a theme for the Tsunami victims; it started of quite well, however frankly after 5 minutes I started to feel the drag. They could have asked the college bands to play some chords/Bass instead of jarring unison key note all through the 15 minutes. With all due respects to Mr. Thomas and Mr. Naveen, Trumpet and different kinds of flute playing new age music without any kind of chord progression or at least a bass was really boring for my ears. They could have let the College bands play 2 more songs in that time.

Tamil pronunciations
I use to crib about Tamil pronunciations of SunTV Video Jockeys., however I happened to watch the program called “ninaivugal” , Yes, it is another show about movies but they take an old classic Tamil movie and throw in good anecdote on the movie. What is the big deal? The VJ of this show talks very good Tamil, She was totally different from the regulars who often suffer from an “Illness” that stops them from pronouncing certain syllables, Divya Kasthuri talks very good Tamil with perfect pronunciation. I wish she takes a crash course to the all VJs out there. This show airs at Saturday evenings.

For my friends who complain about watching Sun TV, guys! No NFL and what else to do during the weekend when the temperature out there was less than 30f with a wind chill of 1f.

Happy Valentines Day!