Bullis School, how many in DC metro have heard about this school? , the reason I heard about them was a report in Today’s Washington post.
Kids from Bullis School conducted a fund raiser that raised about $88,000. Using this they provided brand new boats and fishing equipments to fishermen in the Indian village of Kottivakkam Tamil Nadu. Most of their boats and fishing equipments were lost during the recent Tsunami.

The post reports among those who sprang into action were high school juniors from Potomac, students at a D.C. elementary school, an Indian American yoga instructor in McLean, two Thai restaurateurs, a Montgomery County agency worker and a Malaysian steel consultant in Gaithersburg. For them as for countless others, helping the victims was about more than clicking "Donate Now" on a charity Web site. They aimed higher. Rounding up family, friends, customers and classmates, they posted fliers, twisted arms, cooked meals, put on shows and, one way or another, pulled in the dollars.

The best part of all this is both the community really have not seen or may not see each other, they collected funds to help an unknown fisherman community in a remote corner of Tamil Nadu India. Simply Hats to the kids and others who took part in this noble cause. As post rightly titled this article as "Action Speaks Louder! than Cash" Thank You for helping our fishermen community.

Yesterday I signed up for “SRIKANTHD.IN” about a month ago .IN domain suffix became official. Just to be part of the community I booked one with .IN for my music site. My website can be now accessed by Srikanthd.IN or Srikanthd.COM